“Hate it”

“This is terrible”

“string of laughing tear emojis”

It seems that instagram and social media has made everyone a critic.  Perhaps it is just because I grew up in the South with a mother who would pinch the backside of your leg for rolling your eyes and drilled into your head that “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Everyone suddenly has an opinion and can’t wait to express it.  Can you imagine walking into a cocktail party and people lining up to tell you all the things they hate about the way you look?

There is a huge difference between constructive criticism and bullying.


Not Your Cup of Tea

We get it… Not everyone is in love with vivid colored, mermaid hair, but the same could be said for pretty much everything.  Just because we wouldn’t necessarily wear everything that is shown on the main stage at the Sassoon Academy shows doesn’t mean we can’t all appreciate the HOURS that went into that cut.

That is the deal with art …we all have a different aesthetic.   You don’t have to love it to appreciate it.


Don’t be an Asshole

This seems to be a real struggle for a lot of people on instagram and facebook.  How many times do you see Modern Salon or Behind the Chair share someone’s picture only to have a string of people pick their image apart?

Imagine how excited they were to have trade media notice the before/after they posted.  Perhaps they sent a screenshot to their friends and family to show them.  They spend the afternoon checking it over and over to see how many “likes” it has gotten and here come the trolls.

Suddenly Regina George is on instagram and making you cry is her number one priority.  Tearing apart someone’s work doesn’t make you a better hairdresser…  It makes you an asshole.


One Industry

Whether you studied at Paul Mitchell or Toni & Guy, we are all in the same industry.  When did we decide to define ourselves by the products we used, the tools we buy and the places we get our education?  Why have battle lines been drawn?  Why are hairdressers being shamed for their personal choice or preferences?

“REAL hairdressers use __________.”

Who gives a fuck? In an effort to be an elitist, you are being a dick.


For the Children

We have always been very partial to students and young hairdressers.  Remember how fantastic you thought your haircuts were in school?

When I was still working in the educational side of the industry, students would trek all the way back to my office to show me the mannequin they cut or styled based on their #HairHeroes work.

I encouraged them and agreed they were doing an amazing job. Was their work perfect? No. Was it great? Not always.  Were they trying to perfect their craft and grow as a budding hairdresser? YES, and that is what matters.


When you choose to bully a fellow artist, you are making a conscience effort to divide our industry.  We love pro beauty and we love hairdressers… and if you can’t be nice then maybe you should consider a different profession.