You think you have  airport problems…  Oh Delta charged you and extra $25 bucks for that bag of shoes you just had to take?  Meet the TEALS… The Hardest Working Hair Family we know…

48 passion filled weekends a year  on the road just to make sure they hit every single show…spreading their edutainment across the lands.  They brave lost bags,  delayed flights, missed connections….

This family knows #AirportLife … The struggle is real.



(The Teals are at SOOO many airports,  our Hair Husband ran into them in SLC Terminal 1)

The Teals are the perfect example of  Hair Nerds because they are so passionate about elevating the craft their lives truly revolve around it.

Professor Hair-itage

One of the first HairVentures we took after creating The Hair Nerds was to Portland to stalk the Teals.  Ryan was teaching a class on hairdresser history and so of course we made our way to Portland to attend.  The way this family compliments each other is incredible.  Ryan keeps us rolling on the floor laughing and D moonlights as the hostess with the mostest when she isn’t mixing mind melting color formulations.   Ryan connected so many dots on our hairdressing family tree that trip.

Not only did we learn a shit ton about the history of hairdressing but we also got a backstage pass to D and Ryan’s adventures in hairdressing!


photo by Tuesday Teal


It is so important to know the legends and where we come from in this industry.  You don’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you have been.  Growing in the industry and mentored by some pretty awesome people awesome has a ton of knowledge to share…. which is what landed him the name Professor Hair-itage.

OG Hair Nerds

You would be hard pressed to find something this dynamic duo hasn’t done.  They are salon owners, work behind the chair, enter competitions (NAHA winner, anyone?), platform artists, authors…. basically everything.  They don’t just show up at an event and teach a one hour fluff class with 5 people in it.  We have been in so many of their classrooms where it was standing room only and you had to elbow your way up to the front.


This family takes passion for the industry to a whole new level.  In fact,  Tuesday Teal has followed in her parents footsteps and got her license.  Now she is forging her own path combining hair and photography.  #HairFamily

Hair Nerd Matchmaker

Every time we hang with The Teals it is like speed dating for Hair Nerds.  Ryan is kinda a celeb stylist matchmaker.  We wouldn’t know Nina Kovner, Gordon Miller, Oscar Bond, Stephen Gomez or countless others without him.



So thank you to all the Road Warriors out there who like The Teals are committed to elevating our craft and care enough to devote their lives to the advancement of our industry.