We met Steve Kim during the #SassoonSlumberParty a few months ago and he is truly a #HairNerd. Be on the lookout for his thoughts and adventures in education right here on The Hair Nerds!


I once heard colorist, Lupe Voss, describe beauty school the best way possible. “Beauty School is like kindergarten where you go learn your ABC’S, your basic foundations.”

After that you move on to other formats of education. Whether it be you go find a job assisting/apprenticing and getting education, or on your own journey and find education through your own means by ways of classes and through like minded individuals pushing you to be your very best! The common denominator at the end of the day is EDUCATION.


Every year the beauty industry is releasing new techniques, new looks, new systems, for the world to see. As a hairdresser, it’s our obligation to stay on top of all that wonderful education so we can bring that back to our teams, clients, and fellow hairnerds to show them!

I was at a point recently in my career where I was lost and without direction. A light bulb went off in my head… I had some money at the time, so I headed to Sassoon Academy. It was there, I learned valuable foundational techniques, that saved me a lot of head aches and trouble-shooting on my own that probably would have taken years to figure out.


I’ve always been that individual (even in school) that stressed technique > everything else. My backgrounds in martial arts and being a soldier in the army, have instilled in me the importance of  technique and practicing until it is perfect. It was at Sassoon I got to hear another awesome perspective from Cole Thompson when the majority of our class was frustrated with our technique, a couple of weeks in. “Technique is something that comes with practice… 10,15 years of experience… that’s when your lines get cleaner, your technique better. It’s important to understand the technique; however, super important you can build a shape, your technique can be a little off but you can’t put the wrong shape in.”


It wasn’t just an awesome education I received, if I hadn’t gone to that comps class at that time I would have never run into The Hair Nerds, Eden Sassoon, Taylor Andrews Academy, or met all the amazing industry friends that I totally look up too. To this day I still talk to my buddy Kareem in Canada who was in my comps course with me! Those legendary days at Sassoon will be a bond we made for a life time! Even after my class hanging and meeting Tuesday Teal and working a fashion tapp app event with her and my friend, Marissa.

I still to this day commit time to education! It doesn’t just end with a 6 week comps course. I dedicate 2-3 hours a week of watching DVDs (currently Arrojo razor), or YouTube for whatever is on my mind. There are also many days where I take off and go learn from my neighbor, Style Maven Nicoletta Gauci, and her protégé, Marissa Rodriguez. Or I’ll be in Downtown Los Angeles at the infamous Sugar Skulls Loft! A lot of what I do and the learning I seek out isn’t ever about me wanting to be better than the next individual, it’s always been about being the best for myself and sharing my bag of tricks with other people.

Its important to always give back and share techniques to push others to be better hairdressers and inspire them to go on educational journeys themselves! Encourage then to come back and share with you their perspective on what they learned! Education can be expensive but it’s worth investing in your future. It isn’t just about a piece of paper at the end of the day. Its about the life long commitment to yourself, and why you chose this profession over others.

As a new hairdresser in the industry its extremely vital to take on educational opportunities as soon as you can and as I like to say build that habit of consistently educating yourself on what’s new and putting yourself out there. The world will never know how amazing you are without you showing them why!

Truth be told there are tons of amazing education centers and independent educators also out there, and right around the corner from you! Whether you’re in middle America, or a big metropolitan city like myself, really there is not enough time in our life for the things we truly need to learn. so get out there and get your learn on!