When the invite for  the Grand Re-Opening of Hairroin Salon at Space 15 Twenty arrived in the mail we packed up an overnight bag, filled up the gas tank and jumped into Amanda’s car  for another fun filled Hairventure!

Once we got to Downtown L.A., we only had a few hours before the party started and Amanda needed a root touch up in a desperate way.  We set up shop in our hotel bathroom and starting mixing color.

It is kinda our thing to get a “Bad Ass Blowout” whenever we travel, especially for a big evening event.  We love to check out local salons but time wasn’t on our side this day…  It dawned on us that we are stylists, so Amanda gave me a very sexy Victoria Secret(ish) blowout…we were then ready for the night…

We called a car service thinking they would definitely get us there on time… (this is what we get for “thinking”!) During our 45 minute (5 mile) ride we attempted to take a few pictures of ourselves…

But we couldn’t seem to figure out how to get us both in the shot.

Upon arrival we walked the red carpet scoring our super packed Sebastian labeled swag bags filled with Sebastian, Davines & Leg Avenue goods.



We took our celeb shots against the Hairroin backdrop and entered the doors into Janine Jarman’s dream come true, new and approved Hairtopia,  Hairroin Salon ,  in Hollywood California.

It was packed, wall to wall,  people spread out from the salon into the courtyard of Space 15 Twenty making it

an event the entire building could enjoy.

Hairroin has always had a simulating atmosphere with intersting art and taxadermi pals displayed on the walls.  The new expansion has not only kept the Hairroin vibe but has given the space an elegant touch and the fix these addicted to style junkies were craving for.

“I wanted to create a salon where I would fit in and not have to be something that I am not.” Janine Jarman, owner,  described her vision.

Irene U. chimed in on the team moral, “This salon is truly like a family, when one of us get a  bad ass gig, we are all genuinely happy for them and root them on”.

The hilarious Kelly Michael

These Sparkling Beauties made me really miss my violet red locks.  Cambria Serrano, Tara Tarantino & Eliza Adams

You could feel the love as the  Hairroin posse rollin’ 28 deep, stood on stage with hugs and excitement for the big milestone they all had a big part in.

Janine then unveiled her new gun slinging collection “Native Outlaws” in a behind the scene look at creating these sexy looks.

Untitled from yalp brands on Vimeo.


 The party goers rolled their dice in a raffle for a great cause with all the proceeds going to The Beauty Bus Foundation.  I bought 20..Amanda bought 5 and she won!


Playing with wigs styled by Hairroin Salon and shot by  Lee Cherry Photography  was one of our highlights of the night!

As the Hairroin Bash was coming to an end, we said our goodbyes and headed towards downtown.

As we arrived at the hotel,  a loud noise startled me.  I  looked onto the street to find a couple stuck on the side of the road.  They seemed VERY  nervous to be in Downtown LA at 12 am and I thought I could help.

I started by asking the woman if they were staying the night here.   I thought they might like to park in the garage next door and deal with the broken vehicle in the morning.

They both looked at me like I was crazy and the woman grabbed her purse a little tighter. 

Amanda immediately said , ” OMG they think we are hookers trying to “solicit” them!” 

I always thought my obsession with hair  would drive me to working the corner…  Hey! Photo shoots and competitions aren’t cheap…

 Looking back in their direction the eyes said it all… Did I accidentally solicit a couple in LA????

At this point,  all we could do was laugh and go upstairs to bed and bid my budding career as a prostitute goodbye.   Sometimes you have to know when to call it quits.