You might remember our children’s obsession with Hot Tot, but this was possibly the cutest thing we had ever seen! A pint sized fashion week devoted to mini-models… After we saw Hot Tot owner, Megan Gage’s, pictures of the looks her team created backstage we begged her to give us the inside scoop!  Read on as she gives you an exclusive look at Kids Fashion Week.




petiteParade- NY Kid’s Fashion Week is the only American fashion event dedicated exclusively to the world of children’s design.  Created to fill a void in the marketplace for fashions from toddlers to tweens, the bi-yearly, invitation-only event is a favorite of mini-fashion mavens and celeb-u-tots.  Presented by VOGUE Bambini (Italian Children’s Vogue), the event has showcased a long list of high-profile designers in its five year history.



Hot Tot returned to petiteParade for the second season in row as the event’s exclusive artistic team.  We are the salon industry’s only professional line created for the structural uniqueness of immature (kid’s) hair so the collaboration makes sense for both groups.

Hot Tot is commonly used for editorial work, ad campaigns, tv, and fashion-related purposes.  Our artistic team consisted of eight stylists, seven of whom work in salons that carry Hot Tot (also, they all come from Oribe salons, as I believe they have the best education in the industry) *HairNerdsForOribe* .  Our key artist was celebrity stylist Jemma Muradian (who travels exclusively with Taylor Swift).


The Hair Nerds_ MeganGage

Carrie ran into Megan at the Oribe Backstage La Fama event in Miami just a few months, ago.


The weekend included collections from various designers including Heidi Klum (who walked for the finale of her runway show), multiple collections presented by Parsons (NYC design school), Swarovski, Stride Rite, Ugg Boots and JC Penney.  Natural textures were emphasized throughout the weekend though styles ranged from intricate to simple.


The Shows


Designers in the Parson’s showcase showcased custom headpieces that included flowers, butterflies and birds.  Hair was pinned up but kept natural and soft.

Parson's (Controlled Chaos Photography)




Pale Cloud:

(couture line worn by many celebrity children)

Pale Cloud’s models wore tight French Braids on both sides of their head and the middle was heavily backcombed, giving the fauxhawks height so they photographed well from various angles.

Pale Cloud (Alix Martinez)



Lamantine Paris:

(couture line sold at Barneys and other high end retailers)

Lamantine’s models wore low ponytails that were slick and smooth.  The simple style was accented with leather pieces cut into geometric shapes.  We called it “hairagami”.

Lamantine Paris (Alix Martinez)



Swarovski Elements:

(show consisting of multiple designers including Junior Gaultier, Little Marc Jacobs, and Roberto Cavalli.  P Diddy’s three daughters made their runway debut in this show and he sat in the front row)


Swarovski (CaSeven-year-old twins Jessie and D'Lilandy Kid Photography)

Seven-year-old twins Jessie and D’Lila


Looks for the Swarovski show were accented with silver tinsel.  The hair was tightly twisted in the back but kept loose in the front to ensure the kid’s looked natural.


Swarovski #2 (Candy Kid Photography)


Attendees commented that they looked like little angels wearing halos. ( The Hair Nerds couldn’t agree more!)


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