24 hour road trips have kinda become our thing. We seem to spend more time in the car then at the actual event, but hey… we’re dedicated and a Hair Nerd’s gotta do what a Hair Nerd’s gotta do.


Change in Starbucks

Starbucks has become the stop of choice for us. Not because we’re fueled on Trenta Green Tea’s (2 sweet n’ low’s, no classic syrup) but because they have clean, safe bathrooms we can change clothes in. Don’t be silly, no one wants to drive 7 hours in a dress, we wear yoga pants. #BasicLife



Driver Leapfrog

Sometimes we drive late… like really late (or early if you’d rather call it that). It has been a long day at the salon, we go home, pack and get in the car. The event is 5 or 6 hours away and we need to be there in the morning, that means “Hello 2am, nice to meet you again”. While one person sleeps, the other drives. We have been known to switch off every 20 minutes or so during those dire drives that never end.





Thank you SoundCloud for the never ending hours of music you provide us on the long treks back and forth. Without our favorite Hair Besties’ playlists, how else would we have countless dance parties in the car.


Candy stash

We’ve never experienced a sweet tooth like we have while driving. We load up on the goodies before getting on the road and then fight over the last starburst before it’s time to stop for more gas. Note to self… buy two packs of starburst.




Charger with outlets

Best money ever spent. You not only can charge your laptop and get some work done in the car, but also plug in your curling iron and do your hair. There’s usually no time to stop somewhere and prep (even during the quick change at Starbucks) so you better use that visor mirror to its full potential.


You can find this one, here.



Wet sets in the car

Don’t want to chance burning yourself while driving… throw up a quick wet set at the house before you jump in the car and brush it out in the parking lot at the event. We’ve done it… more times then we’d like to admit.




Flat ironing the wrinkles out of clothes

The flat iron has become more than just a tool for your hair. It doubles as a wrinkle remover!!



Hair Nerd versions of classic car games

When the candy is eaten and the playlist is out-played, we turn to the Hair Nerd Classic Car Games to make the time pass.

Name that Nerd: Give details about your favorite Hair Nerds, like product lines and signature haircuts, and make the other guess who you’re talking about.

Play your favorite song from High School– take turns playing classic tunes from your childhood and talk about the memories associated with them (you get to know each other really well this way).

Backseat Driver–  When the person(s) not driving pretend to drive or hit their invisible breaks. Hair Nerd Erin likes to play this game often when in the passenger seat.

Plan out your “In A Perfect World” future– talk about all the things you want out of your career and life. Plan together how to get there and then make it happen.

Gameplan– Make a plan on who you’re stalking and everything you want to do at the event.



Make sure to check out our calendar of education to see when your next road trip could be!