We were intrigued when Hairbrained announced the Hairbrained Video Awards early last year.

We were excited when we began see  so many friend’s  videos  being considered.

We were super stalkers when the finalists were announced for each category.

We were SHOCKED when the details of the Award event came out.


Tickets are only $55 which is nothing compared to some of the other award shows we attend so we were already pretty jazzed.  Then we read the fine print… Hors d’oeuvres served from 8:00 pm – 9:00pm, sweet because you know there is no time to eat when you days are filled with NerdStalking.  DJ and Dancing..Check!

Open Bar from 8pm- 12am…  Ummmm, sorry but did you say OPEN BAR? That’s right kids!!!  4 hours of open bar are included in your tiny ticket price.  We had to wonder if they realized this was an event for hairdressers?  We could drink $55 worth of cocktails in the first hour!  Have you been out in NYC, lately?  Yeah… how is that $13 cocktail treating ya?

Of course we had a million questions for Gerard!  Was this going to be a couple of kegs of college haze inducing Natural Light Beer?  Were we going to be given shots of warm gas station tequila?  As it turns out,  there will be a full bar serving premium drinks. #TopShelf




So whether you come to cheer on your  friends, hang with your fellow Hair Nerds or just because you did the math and realized you are SAVING money just by attending… we can’t wait to see you there!  The Hairbrained Video Awards promise to be as inspiring and entertaining as the members of this #RealCommunity.