The doors open and like a ray of sunshine from up above you step into a sea of makeup bliss. Rows upon rows of your favorite makeup brands and insta-famous artists whooshing past you in slow motion and for a second, you feel like its a dream. When you come back to reality you want to run towards everything at once like stepping into Willy Wonka’s candy forest but you need to game plan and act cool.



1. Dont freak out

2. Hit up our must-have brands

  • Sugarpill
  • Kat Von D Beauty
  • Lime Crime
  • Rockstar Wigs
  • Cinema Secrets
  • Kryolan Professional Make-up
  • Bdellium Tools

…just to name a few

3. Go watch the panel celebrating 50 years of Star Trek


Stalkers Paradise

Just like at a Hair Show, we are always in full stalking mode when any where near some of our favorite celebs. We found Nora Hewitt, Season 9 winner of SyFy’s Face/Off, and also staked out the Sugarpill booth until Shrinkle showed up. 


Once we got our fill of all the makeup we could (afford to) buy, we headed over the main stage for the opportunity to hear Michael Westmore speak abut his time working on Star Trek.

Stark Trek Heaven

A little Fun-Fact about Hair Nerd Annie is that she is a total Trekki, conventions and all. When the opportunity arose to mix the world of make-up and Star Trek, there was no questions to be asked. The answer was YES!


We headed to the Panel early to make sure we got good seats, and boy did we ever. We sat 2nd row back and right behind Michael Westmore’s wife, Marion, and even got to listen to some stories about life with Michael that she was telling to others sitting with her. That alone was worth it.

The panel told stories about their time working on Star Trek, how they got the jobs and what it was like working with Westmore. We found out how they made Data look the way he did, the craziness of life on set and even how they came up with “Westmore Aliens” as they called them.

It was easily the best day of my life.



Always a Nerd

Getting ready to leave, from possibly the best day ever, and what did we happen to come across?! BOOKS! And not just any books…. DRAG books. So, of course, we had to get it and it now lives happily upon our coffee table. 


So, all in all, will we be back next year? YES. Do we expect to see all our Hair Nerd friends there? Sure Do. Is it worth the crazy line outside? Absolutely!


Make sure to get your tickets early and snag that PRO Card if you can!