Do you wanna win your way to ISSE 2015 and be featured on our Blog?! Well here’s your chance too, with the first ever Hair Nerd InstaISSE Challenge! 4 weeks of 4 different Instagram based challenges with lots of opportunities to hang with US at ISSE 2015. Make sure you follow all the rules and enter, enter, ENTER!!

Remember, you cant win if you don’t try!!



Week One!

I Knew I was a Hair Nerd when…

12/7 – 12/13

Post a picture, quote or InstaVideo of what makes you a #HairNerd! It’s the famous last question in most of our Nerd Stalking Interviews and we want to know that moment in time you stopped and realized “Oh My God…I’m a Hair Nerd!”


Use #HairNerd #HairNerdISSE and special challenge hashtag –  #IWasAHairNerdWhen


Week Two!

Before and After Challenge

12/14 – 12/20

Pretty simple right? Show us your best, most exciting, biggest change you’ve ever made on someone before and after shot!


Use #HairNerd #HairNerdISSE and special challenge hashtag –  #HNBeforeAndAfter


Week Three!

Hair Nerd Girl Look-A-Like Challenge

12/21 – 12/27

She’s more then just an amazing bob and funky red glasses, she’s an attitude… a lifestyle… a symbol of everything nerdy and awesome that we LOVE in this industry. Show us your best impression of our favorite, fun-loving Hair Nerd Girl!


Use #HairNerd #HairNerdISSE and special challenge hashtag –  #HairNerdLookALike


Week Four!

My Mentor Challenge

12/28-12-31 (Winner must be chosen by 12/31)

We can go on ALL day telling you who we love and why… but we wanna know who YOU love and WHY! Post a picture or Instavideo of your mentor (or who you wish would mentor you) and why you love them and you just might not only win a ticket to ISSE, but a chance at meeting them too!!


Use #HairNerd #HairNerdISSE and special challenge hashtag –  #HNMyMentor



1. All entries must be posted to Instagram

2.Include all the specified hash tags and a reason why you should be chosen.

3. DO NOT retag old pics. Please repost as a NEW picture.

4. Your account can not be private. (We can’t see your pics even when you hashtag)