Since 1999, Ira has lived in Las Vegas and worked at A Robert Cromeans Salon, where he was named top hairdresser for two consecutive years. Ira strives to become extraordinary by practicing his skills until he can’t do them wrong. “That’s when you own your skills, not just rent them,” he says. With a firm belief that options equal happiness and make anything more valuable, Ira always does his best to deliver and create as many options as he can for his guests and those around him. He credits his foundation of hard work, integrity, and strong family values for much of his success: his background has helped him prosper within the Paul Mitchell company and culture.

How has the opportunity to work with so many accomplished stylists benefited you aside from strengthening your skills as a stylist?

Outside of those things it gave me confidence and comfort in myself and allowed me the ability to create my own ways and looks. I never really had to just recreate someone else’s looks or collection, which was mega for me!!


Who was the first person you called when you found out you had been named “Hairdresser of the Year” by Las Vegas Life? How did it feel getting it two years in a row?

I’m afraid it’s been too many days more importantly long nights, due to that my short term memory seems to be exhaled! I do remember being very stoked and honored though!! I was only in Vegas for a couple years at that point so I felt that I was acquiring unforeseen goals! It was great for traveling and doing hair shows mostly, it gave immediate credibility which was nice cuz i was kinda younger then.


We love that your focus is to spread sunshine & skill to stylists everywhere. When did you realize this was your calling?

THANK YOU straight away!! I realized while still in hair school I enjoy sharing and explaining me views and ways to approach things of all kinds. I like to visibly speak to where you can hopefully not only hear what I say but see as well… it adds to the senses so I believe it adds to the probabilities of understanding fully installing the App..


Where do you go to clear your mind?

I am not the best at that to be honest! I like to think in the bathroom whether on the toilet or in the shower….deep thoughts happy for sure… Hmm it clears my head though; I love to dance myself clean that can be anywhere! Bikram yoga and hiking in the red rocks is a great mind clearer for me as well


What is playing on your IPod these days?

ALWAYS LCD Sound system, the Hives, Scissor Sisters and Die Antwoord


You have mentioned finding the love of your life… How do you balance love with hair?

I am not sure that I do… I try my best believe but you’d have to ask Julie Sophia if I truly do or not… especially these days I’m afraid I’m not as balanced as id like to be, honestly! She just walked up and said when I do… I properly set aside legit time for us time, no phone or lap top.


What is Ira’s artistic style? What influences your work?

I don’t really know… I like what I do and I’m not truly concerned if others like it or not, it’s my eye and taste that I ‘m trying to always make happy. I feel if I’m  happy others will be too, if not… like my mate, Mark Bunkall,  says “oh well”!! Music, concerts, videos, musicians and tattoo artist influence me a lot!

Working along side Robert Cromeans is a mentorship many would die for, what was one of the most valuable lessons he taught you?

Fact: If you make people laugh and entertain them they will stay.


Being a young stylist isn‘t easy, what do you feel is one of the biggest mistakes beginners tend to make?

Expecting things to come to you without the proper time, practice and work. Seeing successes someone more experienced has made it to on their own path and assuming that it’s so easy and takes little to no time, practice or work.


Educating stylists can be challenging. How do you feel being an educator of the hair nerds of the world rewarded you the most?

I have made so many great relationships all over the world! Knowing that I have friends all over the place is very comforting to me… the fact that I could influence someone’s thought process, therefore actions with others is rewarding to me!


We are the new cheerleaders for Epic Hair Movement! Tell all of our Hair Nerds out there about this amazing new movement.

Thank you very much!! Epic Hair Movement is a fan of Hair Nerds!! EHM is about creating healthy positive relationships. We are about sharing eye to eye with any level hairdresser. We are very user friendly like Mac/apple we are not PC. In any way you read that!

We are very music influenced, yet we believe and dick can buy expensive clothes and try to play like a rock star, where we rather aim for HUMAN STAR, which you have to earn!! We are givers, giving many personally stories and quotes that we practice in our lives to try to make everyday more success and happy!

We create a noncompetitive environment that leads to a proper learning experience. We implore our Epic Friends to be themselves caused its wasted energy trying to be anything else. Conquer your fears and chase your bliss!

Sorry I could go on and on!! Just a couple of kids having a radical time!!


You are entertaining while educating. What do you aspire each stylist takes with them on their journey after spending hair time with you?

Confidence, integrity, and a new downloaded App in their brain that will make them accept and adapt, try new things and if it doesn’t work then “oh well”, and to find their own taste/eye.


Top 3 Stylists you would love to work with:

Mark Bunkall, who I do work with Epic Hair Movement, Noogie Thai & Colin Caruso, I only want to work with friends so then it’s not really work. Yeah!


You are famous for saying “Own your skills, Don’t rent them” … elaborate on this solid statement.

Didn’t know I  was famous for anything, but thanks!! Funny you ask this because someone who has a larger following… heard me say this many times. He  used it and changed the word to “becoming a master” and people quote him for it.

Anyway, if you only practice till you get something right you are only renting that skill, anything rented can be taken away. If you practice to the point you can’t get it wrong, that is when you own that skill.

When you own something people cant just take it away! Also, practice being nice when no one else is looking. You then own being nice and it is hard for someone to take your nice away and turn you into a douche…Right.


What 3 items would you die without?

Oxygen, water, and laughter


What has been the most amazing opportunity you have had in this industry so far?

I guess last year I got an opportunity to do a road show tour through out Germany for two weeks. That was radical…believe!! really stoked that EHM got asked to headline a 7 day hair show Cruise to the Bahamas… that will be up there I’m sure!


Have you ever had an “OMG, what the hell am I doing here?!” moment? Share.

Well there was that one time in Amsterdam, but probably should keep that to private chats ya know what I mean!!
Hmm, guess what comes to my head was when I got to ride in a chartered jet all by myself other than the 2 pilots… I was flown to do Nikki Ziering’s hair… LAX was closed due to rain; yet, I could fly in with the Mercedes waiting for me, smoked with Nikki on her bed, was able to smoke on the plane as well, but I forgot fire!! And got paid a G for the whole thing… that’s one of the things that comes to my head first…


Words to live by…



On a perfect day I spend it….. And eating……

Dancing myself clean at Coachella with my girl…Don’t tend to eat much then, right. But my favorite thing to eat is food called Yakiniku… its Japanese BBQ!! I decided years back if I ever get to pick my last meal that’s what I’d pick!!


What do people find most surprising about you?

Not really sure it’s what they think right. Maybe that I’m really Johnny Depp…or that my girl is so stunning… wait,, I was told a couple times from so people they were surprised that I wasn’t a pompous prick.. they had a thought of how they expected me to be and they said they said they were so surprised on how chill, polite and that I am not county! FOOLED THEM HAAHHAHA!!


What is your next BIG goal?

Just earlier today I looked at a salon space!! A live and work space, so the salon downstairs, go up stairs and my living space up their… Operation George Michael, FREEDOM!


What is one of your #hairstylistproblems?

Either that I don’t put hair up or that I’ve been losing my own hair. Second one sucks more really!!


I knew I was a Hair Nerd when….

I was 13 and started to cut my own hair and then soon after cutting all my friend’s hair. Sorry… like Gaga.. Baby, I was born this way!!