We love the free swag and tradeshow floor just as much as the next nerd, BUT real Hair Nerds know the classrooms are where the prime stalking action occurs at ISSE Long Beach.   Each January, over 40,000 hairdressers flock to SoCal to recharge their batteries with their #HairFamily.  We look forward to this weekend for months because… sometimes you just wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same… You wanna be where everybody knows your name. (Why yes, I did just reference the Cheers theme song.)

Every year we issue our Official ISSE Education Plan of Attack (this is serious business).  It takes a well trained Nerd Army to attend all the classes we have planned.  Often times,  we are forced to divide and conquer and then  meet back at “headquarters”, the Hyatt Bar, to fill each other in on all the brilliant things we learned that day.

Don’t worry!  We have already done all the leg work for you. All you have to do now is throw your #AllBlackEverything on and show up looking fabulous!

Hair Nerd Education War Path


Steve Elias

2014 NAHA Collection

10:00AM -10:45AM

Location: Room NAHA Stage

Join Steve as he shows his current NAHA collection.  Learn the step-by-step process on how to produce and maximize the exposure and longevity of your collection.  Learn everything from model and crew selection, picking the right photographer, budgeting, post production and everything in between!

*Nerd Tip* If you really want to up your game,  check out Steve’s Hands-On classes.  We have taken each of them several times.  They will change the way you approach styling hair.  These classes are most definitely “Nerd Approved”!



martin parsons

Martin Parsons

The Magic of Long Hair

Sunday, 01/26/2014 11:00AM -11:45AM
Location: Center Stage
Watch this dramatic, fashion forward presentation featuring multiple looks that can be reproduced in a salon in minutes.  Designed to inspire and motivate stylists to increase and achieve new services in their salon.



the teals

The Teals

Mastery Collection

Sunday, 01/26/2014 11:30AM -12:15PM
Location: NAHA Stage
Join The Teals, the dynamic award winning husband and wife team, Ryan and DeAnnalyn as they share the Mastery Collection of salon friendly techniques in color, up styling and razor haircutting. To be successful a as a stylist today you have to be diverse as Bruce Lee would say “ art calls for the complete mastery of techniques, developed by reflection within the soul” Don’t miss the educational mastery of The Teals as they showcase their collection and bring their soulful secrets of their success to the stage.

*Nerd Tip* Hang with the Teals and let Ryan entertain you with his insane stories and humor,  watch Tuesday in action behind the lens and pray that you soak up even an ounce of Deannalyn’s incredible color knowledge.




Nina Kovner

Are You There Salon? It’s Me, Client

12:00PM – 1:30PM

Location: Room Hyatt Shoreline A

In this interactive workshop, you will be encouraged and challenged to take a look at your current online and offline marketing and begin to build a real life plan in order to take action when you get home. This may be the only workshop you attend that you are asked to jump on your smartphone or tablet and play. Quite frankly, it’s encouraged. We learn best by doing, so be ready to engage.

You will leave this workshop feeling empowered, understanding the WHY behind this social evolution, with more clarity and confidence on how to connect your online and offline marketing while growing your relationships and business in the process.

*Nerd Tip* Spend your lunch hour with Nina Kovner and let her genius empower your business.  Inspiration is vital to an artist’s soul… couple that with Nina’s intense knowledge and you are provided with the tools you need to grow your business. #PassionistaPicnic



mark hayesthumbnail (1)

Sassoon Academy

Spring/ Summer Collections 2014

Time: Sunday, 01/26/2014 2:00PM – 3:00PM
Location: Center Stage
Price: PBA Members: $45; Non-Members: $55
Enjoy exclusive insight into the inspirations behind the new Spring/Summer 2014 collection from the Sassoon Academy, presented by International Creative Director Mark Hayes and the Sassoon Academy Creative Team.

 *Nerd Tip* Don’t forget this is a paid session.  Every year, we see fellow Hair Nerds wait in the rightfully long line to get inside only to find out they needed to purchase admission.




Faatemah Ampey


Sunday, 01/26/2014 2:30PM – 3:15PM

Location: NAHA Stage

Imagine a bold new world with pink pompadours and swirls of pin curls with pastel hues. Hold on to your bobby socks – this is not your mother’s updo! Faatemah celebrates classic styles and silhouettes inspired from the past with a modern twist.

*Nerd Tip* Better wear your game face because Faatemah will literally have you laughing out loud.  We adore Faatemah’s brand of #Edutainment … one minute you are giggling having fun and then all of a sudden she slaps you in the face with some serious knowledge.




Lisa Yamasaki

Oceans and Tokyo Collection 2014

Time: Sunday, 01/26/2014 3:15PM – 4:00PM
Location: Center Stage
Stimulate your imagination with Lisa Yamasaki’ as she demonstrates how to create art with real hair inspired by the Ocean. This two part presentation brings together the hottest trends in hair fashion with the cool Tokyo Mode.

*Nerd Tip* Lisa Yamasaki never disappoints with whimsical inspiration!



theodore leef

Theodore Leaf

How To Be Your Own You Tube Sensation

10:00AM -10:45AM

Location: Room Center Stage

Want to make an Impact Online to drive clients to your chair?!  With over 93,000 Subscribers on You Tube Theodore has built his beauty brand following some simple and strategic steps to be a You Tube Sensation. This class will be a live demo of how to produce and record and post a hair tutorial  on this very powerful social tool.  As part of #1 fashion and beauty Google network Theodore will share with you:

  • How to start and the mechanics of a you Tube Channel
  • Tutorial applications from set to showcasing you’re your talent and your skill
  • Easy Editing
  • Perfect Posting for maximum exposure

 *Nerd Tip* Take a variety of classes.  Just because a session isn’t focused solely on a cutting or foiling technique doesn’t mean you should skip it.  Find class topics that speak to the direction you want to take your career!




Nick Arrojo

Classroom Inspiration

Monday, 01/27/2014 11:00AM -12:30PM

Location: Room NAHA Stage

In the classroom, get up close and personal with hairdressing pioneer, Nick Arrojo. Featuring the latest trends and techniques in modern scissor and razor-cutting, as well as how to combine contemporary cuts with a new ARROJO American Wave System, Nick’s live model demos inspire an inventive approach to modern and creative, precision-based.

*Nerd Tip* Arrive early!! Nick’s classes ALWAYS fill up and you will want a seat so you can be super creepers like us and film the entire class on your Iphone.


DB_0 (1)

Mainentrance Artists

Ahead of the Trend

Monday, 01/27/2014 1:30PM – 2:15PM

Location:  NAHA Stage

The seminar will begin by presenting the upcoming fashion season, fully encompassing directions in apparel, color, accessories and beauty. MAINENTRANCE Creative Directors DJ Riggs and Berry Bachen will then introduce models they have cut, coloured and styled to reflect the trends presented, describing the techniques used to achieve each look. As a final section, the floor will be open for Q&A on anything from trends and inspiration, to photo shoots and continuing education.
*Nerd Tip* Not gonna lie… We are kinda in love with DJ and Berry.  They are seriously so DAMN cool!  We had the opportunity to hang out at their studio in NYC and they are possibly the coolest people we have ever met.  Their approach to education is mind blowing and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for ISSE.  We will save you a seat!

russell mayes

Russell Mayes

Perfect Layering

2:00PM – 3:30PM , Room 102C

This class will provide insight into the process of cutting hair into layered shapes. Exploring the 3 major shapes of layering hair, you will get detailed information on what shape to choose for the results you want and the hair type you are working on, how to technically cut the shape, and the concepts of how perfect layers are created. This class will motivate, inspire and increase your confidence in haircutting. Russell Mayes has been steeped in the world of hair as long as he can remember. Founder of Hairmaven.com, with his experience he has developed a haircutting system that transcends any system or style. His approach makes even the most advanced concepts easy to comprehend.

 *Nerd Tip* Poor Russell has spent way more time with The Nerds than one man should have to…  We met Russell on Hairbrained.me and ended up hanging with him most of the weekend in Long Beach, last year.  Having taken this class in Orlando last year,  we guarantee you will walk away with knowledge.



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