Typically, we have every single detail of a show mapped out weeks in advance, but we wanted to try something different for ISSE Midwest .  We met up with our #HairBestie  Steve Elias and decided to stow our neurotic ways for 24 hours.  

Keeping it low key we  documented  our entire day solely through Instagram, one of our very favorite social media platforms. (Instagram: TheHairNerds)


Getting There

We lovingly joke about Carrie’s addiction to blush and mascara, but she took it to a whole new level on the skywalk as we entered ISSE Midwest.




Of course, Amanda and I took this as our cue to hold an impromptu photo shoot on the skybridge between the hotel and convention center.


erin and amanda skybridge




Faatemah Ampey- Trending with Texture

faatemah on stage

We have stalked Faatemah in several states across this nation.  We love her brand of edutainment because she keeps us laughing while secretly teaching us things.  Faatemah relates hair to fabric and you the hairdresser are a tailor.    


She was so busy being fabulous that she didn’t even notice she was rocking the same style as the cover of this month’s Tantalum Magazine.



“The older I get and the longer I do hair…. I have begun to realize you shouldn’t overwork the hair…. just massage and finger it.” – Faatemah-isms




The Show Room Floor


Hattori Hanzo was doing it up “Magic Mike” style this afternoon.  We definitely know where to go if we ever need to hit a mid-afternoon rager. These guys always entertain us… not to mention their shears make us happy.  Steve got hooked up with the 7 inch blades today and he can’t wait to try them out on Amanda tomorrow.



Martin Parsons was on stage for Rusk.

Photo Nov 04, 3 24 51 PM



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Hair Nerd Trick-or-Treating

We love swag because well… We are total #ProductWhores.  We have always likened the show floor to trick-or-treating Hair Nerd Style.  Our favorite booth to hit up for swag is P&G because not only are they generous (full size products, anyone?), but they also spread the love with all 4 brands… Wella, Sebastian, Clairol & Nioxin.   We left we 4 giant goody bags filled to the brim from our sweet disposition. (Actually they are so awesome,  I bet they would hook you up even if you had a  surly demeanor.)

pg trick or treating





Jake Thompson- Behind the Mind’s Eye

Photo Nov 04, 5 03 08 PM

Although we have been to this class a handful of times, Steve had never been able to make it.  So we made our way to the NAHA stage to give Steve the ultimate in Hair Show experiences.  





At one point, Jake says,” Alright guys, I am going to show you my goodies…” What do you know.. he sure did.


Photo Nov 04, 4 40 38 PM





How many bands does one girl need?

When we heard the after-party was being held at the Toby Keith bar,  Amanda was immediately excited.  Only one question remained, how would we smuggle all of our Shear Slinging Besties inside?  Enter Brad Masterson.. the keeper of all things wonderful at ISSE.   In a mad dash to the PBA Lounge, we relayed our problem and Brad saved the day.   Wristband, anyone?







Between the show and the after party we may have broken into the DoubleTree… Word on the street was someone fabulous was doing guerilla color in their hotel room.  (Hotel Hair is a Hair Nerd tradition)

A word to the wise… NEVER mention anything you are doing around us because if you slip up and we catch wind of the details… I can’t guarantee we won’t break into your hotel and track you down. 

We are like that crazy ex-girlfriend who professed her undying love on the first date and it took you 3 weeks to shake her.   #Stage5Clinger

We can’t wait to share all the details of our covert operation so stay tuned.





After Party


It is always seems like a good idea to host an Open Bar for hairdressers.  As we walked upstairs to the private party,  we noticed the huge crowd around the drinks.  Not one to wait for things,  we snagged a waiter  and let him know he was our new best friend.  With a wad of cash and our drink orders he headed to the bar to mix us up a couple of cocktails.   This long lasting relationship served us well throughout the evening.


erin drinks too much


Deannalyn Teal and Amanda were twins in polka dots.  We love D so much it is ridiculous.  She is a damn color genius!!


There was an incident in the bathroom with a crazy out of control soap dispenser.  Luckily no extensions were harmed during this accident.

soap accident

Meanwhile,  Amanda decided to be super helpful and remove Steve’s wristband.  Turns out it was harder than she thought.


Reverting back to her 5 year old self, Amanda’s next logical step was to just bite it off.


In the end, we made it back to our room and began  the recap of our day.  While we enjoyed the freedom of not having a set schedule… It goes against every fiber of our being!  We ended up mapping out our class schedule for Monday around 2:30am. 


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