In a culture of  “ME, ME, ME”, headpats and instafame, we built a brand around everyone but us.  We are often told at events, ”I wasn’t sure that was you because you never post pictures of yourselves.” The reason is simple… The Hair Nerds isn’t about US… It is about YOU.

This website was created to celebrate the hairdressers we admire, education we are obsessed with and share experiences from events.  We wanted a place that felt inclusive to all hairdressers… a place that students, master stylists and industry enthusiasts all felt welcomed to geek out over the amazingness of hair.  A home for the people who cared about the industry as much as us because at the end of the day being a #HairNerd is really a lifestyle.

So if we don’t share ourselves often, it isn’t because we are actually three-headed monsters (Ok that hasn’t officially been debunked, yet).  We focus primarily on other people and events because YOU are the reason we do, what we do.

We never want it to change.  We want to always be in awe of the experiences we are fortunate enough to have with the most wonderful people in the world… hairdressers!