Jake’s Story… As a child, Jake knew he was destined to become big. Unaware of the path he was going to take, his mom mentioned hairdressing in the 11th grade. Setting him back a bit perplexed, his mind started to wrap around the idea of hair! Hairdressing, he asks? That’s your medium, his mom says! So with art on his mind and passion in his heart. Jake worked from one salon to another, his vision and creative eye were tested and honed. Then as Jake took and taught many classes from artist including Micheal O’Rourke, Sam Brocato, Yosh,Vivienne Mackinder & Sam Villa to name a few, that’s is were his creative eye and technique got stronger. Co-owning Lunatic Fringe Salon in SLC UT, has opened up doors and windows to avenues such as a leadership role, and being a creative visionary for the company. On his own time, because he is so passionate about his craft he does multiple photo shoots a year. Being a 4 time North American Hairstyling Award nominee, with a Avant Garde win in 2011. Jake’s ahead of the curve flaunting passion, artistry, creativity, and a vision that is very captivating. Jake is so thankful for his mother seeing his talent before he recognized it himself. If there is one thing Jake has learned, insecurities from creating art go hand in hand! Every shoot, every guest, every experience gets him closer to his version of greatness! Jake Thompson says, “I’m in love with my craft more now, than I’ve ever been in… I’m truly blessed to be a hairdresser”.


You shot and did the hair on your shoot.  Do you find it hard to disconnect from each task?  Harder or easier than using a random photographer?

I don’t really find it hard to disconnect from each task.  What I do find i need to do is be very strategic to my planning, pre-planning and over-planning.  What this basically all means is I need a great team behind me that i can trust.  Also, I usually shoot all my looks in one day.  I find that all the creatives involved get better with each look and thrive off the energy of the shoot.  Doing this, I schedule the day like you would a day in the salon.

I find it easier to shoot my own stuff.  For the reason that I’m a control freak and I need to have control over the lighting, pose and post production.



Tell us about the collaboration we have seen with Charlie Price in recent months…

Last year at NAHA, Charlie approached me and Andrew Carruthers after the ceremony.  He asked if we would like to submit for his 1st edition to Beauty Underground Magazine.  Andrew and I said, hell yes we would Mr. Price!  A few months later after the publication came out I reached out to him via email.  I said, we should collaborate Charlie.  He responded almost immediately.  I would love that.  So we started the communication to a successful shoot/collaboration.


Basically the reason I wanted to collaborate with him was I really didn’t have any relationship with him besides the crossing paths with each other at hair events.  So it was my fun way of getting to know him, while creating together.  Charlie and I shot 8 collections in 3 days.  It was so much fun.  He’s a very talented creative.  I’m glad I got to know him and I’m really glad our friendship has grown stronger.


Inspiration behind shoot?

My collection was based off of lava falling into the ocean and then foliage growing out of it.  La Noir Reine, means “the black queen”.  My process of creating this collection was by accident.  I was messing around in my studio and I stumbled upon this idea.



How has NAHA changed your career?

It really hasn’t changed my career, what it has done is made more of a perfectionist to my craft.  It has allowed editors, mentors of mine, salon owners, stylist, makeup artist, photographer and wardrobe stylist to know my work without ever meeting me.  NAHA is a vessel.  You have to know how to market yourself to really project your career if you want change when being nominated or winning from NAHA.




What are your plans in the coming months?

I have been working on a project for about year now.  It is probably going to take a lot longer to get things to the point of where we will want to share.  I also have several beauty, fashion and personal shoots planned.


Want to stalk Jake at NAHA?

NAHA is the most prestigious photographic beauty competition in North America and celebrates the artistry and skill of the professional salon industry. Each year, individuals are recognized during a star-studded awards ceremony.

July 13, 2014
Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino | Las Vegas, Nevada

Red Carpet Reception: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Awards Ceremony: 8:00pm – 10:30pm
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