After finalizing our trip to Utah,  we hit Jake Thompson and Andrew Carruthers up and BEGGED to hang out.  #NoShameInOurGame  It started with a simple request to meet for dinner and once they obliged we began sending our demands.  At the top of our list was a tour of Jake’s Creative Lair…

Even the directions to the his studio were dreamy… Find the gray door and enter the atrium. Follow the long winding staircase to the 2nd floor.  Once you reach the top, Jake is the red door… If only there were a secret knock or password!!


Champagne Wishes and Hair Piece dreams…

Entering a hairdresser’s  private creative space feels very intimate and almost intrusive.  Just imagine all the hours spent contemplating new collections,  sketching out designs, trying out techniques and then throwing them across the room in a fit of frustration.  

An artist’s creative space is a very personal thing…  Jake hangs all the hair pieces he created during the last show seasons from the rafters.

Jake Thompsons creative studio for hair

We first saw these wigs on the NAHA Stage at ISSE Long Beach 2012 where we met Jake and his long luxurious locks.  (This is where we actually began our hardcore stalking of JT)


Knowing we get kinda nerdy about NAHA,  Jake unveiled his NAHA wigs and gave us the low down on the awesomeness  that is his entry this year.   The space is cluttered with random mannequin heads and tripods,  a full bar and mini fridge,  photography equipment,  etc.

It is definitely a creative studio and feels comfortable and lived in. Champagne Toasts ensued and quickly we had plowed through 2 bottles of bubbly.

Jakes NAHA wigs and view of studio space

The wooden columns that divide the industrial room hold post its with statements of intention setting.  It was very zen.


On the far left wall of Jake’s studio hangs this insanely huge cream shag rug… Obviously, we needed a picture in front of it.  In the end it took 5 hair nerds, a ladder, jug of cleaning solution, self- timer app and a little patience to create the ultimate shag rug image.


Nick Hemsley dropped by to have dinner with us  and  hang out.


The Tin Angel Cafe

This place was an absolute dream!  We arrived 15 minutes late for our 8:00pm reservation because we were running on hairdresser time.  The hostess immediately sat us in the “Party Room” which turned out to be timeout for trouble makers. Good call on their part!

n angel


The almost 3 hour dinner consisted of non-stop laughing, inappropriate shenanigans and, of course… #CrustyBread. There is something about getting a group of hairdressers together that instantly feels supremely comforting…


photo 4

After our fair share of The Black Lemon Coolers (Vodka, Limonata and Black Currant on Ice),  Nick graciously drove us back to the hotel while serenading us with his own personal mixed playlist.  It was incredible and we wanted to get lost for hours to just listen to his tunes.  (Keep an eye out for a special new feature with Nick!)

We wish that everyone could come along with us and crash hairdresser’s creative studios and while we have contemplated a “Star Map” business model of stalking… we hope that you enjoy these glimpses of their genius!