We thought it would be fun to take a look back at where it all started… and it started with The Hair Nerds interviewing some of the coolest people we knew. So many things can happen in 5 years and we wanted to play catch-up with the ones that helped us get things going.

What have the last 5 years brought about for Hairroin Salon and Janine?

So, in the last 5 years we have celebrated a 10 year Hairroin anniversary, I had a baby and am now pregnant with another one. We opened Hairroin NY in mid town NYC, and currently are due to launch Parlour H a salon on line this spring.



We asked you before; What was the craziest thing that has ever happened while getting to do set work and you said “Working with an elephant”. Has anything crazier happened in the last 5 years?

I did an underwater shoot that I’m submitting for NAHA this year… that was a new experience, seeing as water is typically the arch nemesis for hairdressers.


5 years ago social platforms were still on a small scale when it came to marketing. How has social changed your marketing plan today?

It has been interesting to see where we fit on the inter web. How can we remain true to self yet keep up with the times? I think with applied practice and a great team we have done just that. Its been so rad to see stylist brands build within our own brand. Utilizing social media to grow there books and push them even further. It has open up the opportunity to get comfortable with self promotion witch is essential to building your business. In addition we noticed a shift to online beauty sales and were inspired to develop Parlor H, an online store that has stylist led product recommendations, and helpful how to videos. As well as a hair quiz that gives you a curated selection of products and the opportunity to have a video consultation with our talented stylist. Really exciting stuff that 10 years ago couldn’t have guessed we would be doing.


What are your top 3 favorite social/editing apps?

I don’t know if there editing apps but currently I love Squarespace for great website development. I’m obsessed with Boulevard booking, a new to the scene company best way to describe I think is an open table for high end salons. And slack… were starting to use it in Hairroin mgmt. to do away with the emails back and forth. Oh! Abacus for receipts and book keeping, and Trello for planning visual projects. All dorky business stuff that has dramatically helped me and my team recently


What traumatic hairstyle have you been guilty of rocking?

Worst ever … would be the time I got fake pink and white dreads braided in…. worst part I got them right before a big work trip and they were falling out every where I went, on the plane… on set … any where that was totally embarrassing.


Top artists you wanted to work with 5 years ago were Orlando Pita and Serge Normant. Who are your top 3 stylist you’d like to work with today?

  1. Odile Gilbert
  2. Guido Palau
  3. Eugene Souleiman



What are the biggest mistakes you see stylists make?  Salon Owners?

For both … unrealistic expectations. I think infusing your own expectation in some one as to what they can do , bring and feel is setting yourself up for failure. Rather an open line of communication to understand and set up expectations and personal goals . Then holding one another accountable of the agreed upon, leaves emotion and unnecessary let-downs out of the equation.


You can find these two Nerds sitting in a chair at Hairroin Salon whenever we are in NYC or LA, we’re suckers for a good blowout. Your stylist are some of the happiest we have met and absolutely love working there. How did you create this culture and what advice would you give to other salon owners trying to do the same?

Know who you are and what you and your brand is about. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Then find stylist and staff that also identify with your core principals. I love doing hair, but I love being a business owner even more. The bigger my business has gotten the more I have to step away from my hairdresser life. I’ll never fully give it up but I know that my commitment is to my staff first and my hairdresser ego has had to take an inevitable back seat. So often I hear talented hairdressers say “Well ya, then ill eventually open a salon because that’s the next step” NO !!!! Open a salon because you love growing hairdressers and are good at it. Being a salon owner doesn’t make me the best stylist in the salon…. That would be foolish of me to hire people worse then my self. Rather I found a knack for encouraging great talent. And creating a space for rad people to soar. I defiantly don’t do it for the money, I made more as a full time stylist. I do it because it has become my passion. So, know who you are and what you want for the right reasons. Fill in your own pices and make the path that best fits you. Don’t be distracted by the prestige, fame or any of that because honestly, chasing that is like chasing a destructive fake high. Surround you self with people that give a shit about you and do the same.


3 shows or education events you won’t be missing this next year?

Ted talk event Los Angeles

Women’s Ware daily digital beauty conference

Color summit, by the national board of certified colorist


What can we see the next 5 years bring about for you and your salon?

It is my hope for our NY and LA locations to become even more of a destination location. Im really excited for Parlour H our online salon I hope it helps clients and stylist all over the US and world who are geography close to LA and NY. I want Hairroin to continue to set the bar for what stylist can do with there hands, hearts and brains.


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