Jay Halaby


Jay Halaby & Associates

 2013 Misc 187 - Copy

Originally from?

Glendale, California…Still call it home


How long have you been working in professional beauty?

23 years


What was your first job in professional beauty?

I worked for a small Nail Company, helping in outside sales, working shows, and even worked in the factory filling Nail Polish, Making Nail Files, and building out Nail Art Kits




What’s so great about this industry and why?

I love the innovation. We are such a niche industry that people who understand the industry can create great products that actually fill a need.


You’re job has allowed you to meet a lot of stylists. What would you say is one key trait that all successfully awesome stylists share?

It’s the creativity. They can look at someone and instantly think up new looks. They can look at a new tool and instantly think up new purposes that many not have been originally intended. It blows my mind to see their eyes light up when their innovation takes over.


What does your workday look like?

My time is pretty much split in half. The first part is meeting with manufacturers who are trying to bring their products to the industry. We literally sort through hundreds of products and lines looking for something new, something hot, or something that the industry needs. Once we find these items or companies, we spend the rest of our time getting them to market. Our National sales team then presents these products to distributors and works with them to bring the products to the Salons and Stylists.


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I’m somebody who wants to do your job. What’s the most important thing to know?

You have to be patient and take the time to look at everything. You never know what hidden gem is created by the least expected manufacturer.


How do you keep yourself motivated?

I really like what I do. I love taking a start up company and seeing it grow. It really gives us my team and I a feeling of accomplishment.


What overall trends to you see in coming up within he professional beauty industry at large?

The biggest trend we see is on the distribution side. The really big distributors are eliminating items and are sometimes resistant to bringing in new, cutting edge product lines. There is a big resurgence of the small, start up distributors. If you want to see the newest hottest products, look to the little guys to bring it to the market.




You’ve traveled all over the country with this job. Is there any place you wish you could go back to to just hang out for awhile? Why?

I’d like to spend some time in New England in the Fall. Seems like the only time I get there is when the winter hits and I am in and out for business. I always wanted to hang out and watch the changing of the colors.


I have one day to spend in LA. What do I do?

Venice Beach. You will see the craziest stuff, which may actually inspire you creatively. You’ll remember it for a lifetime.


You’re a dad of two pretty cool kids. I hear one of them will soon be a Jayhawk. Can you tell us why this is the greatest decision ever?

(Disclaimer: I, Dev, graduated from the University of Kansas)

Fantastic School! Plus…….he can never get lost with Dev to prep him



I hear the mother of those kids and you have known each other a while. How did you meet?

We met in 7th Grade. We hung out with the same group of friends and became “best buddies”. After College we started dating and after that, the rest is history. I married my best friend.


If it were up to you, beach, mountains, desert or forest for vacation?

Beach. Actually the rocky coast of Central California. I love the water and the ocean and all the marine life there.


Personal Mantra?

Keep Perspective. Know what is really important and focus on that.


What should we know about Jay Halaby & Associates?

I am fortunate to have the best people working with us, and they are strong, professional salespeople too.