Originally from?

Kansas City

How long have you been in professional beauty?

A LONG time! 25+ years

What was your first job in professional beauty?

When I was 11, I swept hair and removed rollers from elderly ladies hair while they were sleeping under the dryer. The name of this salon was Powder Box Petite Beauty Shop. After college, when I was in  Cosmetology school, I started with Sebastian Intl. as one of the original Trucco MUA.

What’s so great about professional beauty and why?

I started with Sebastian Intl. while still in Cosmetology school, went on to work behind the chair while still working with Sebastian Intl. Moved through the ranks at Sebastian in multiple departments left at a Director level. Worked as an image consultant for TWA airlines, worked as  an image consultant for ABC, worked with Michael O’Rourke to successfully launch Sexy Hair and now work with Bellami. The sky truly is the limit for us!

What one trait do all successfully awesome stylists share?


What does your day-to-day look like as a Vice-President?

I am so blessed to be the Vice President at Bellami! Three start up companies in one career! The two founders of Bellami are 28 and 30 as well as being Digital Geniuses! The energy level is high and the company is very fluid. Change IS the norm! My day is packed with meetings, photo shoots, professional and celebrity influencer meetings, data and more data. Then…there’s the e-mail!

I’m somebody who wants to do your job. What’s the most important thing to know? 

Be open and honest! Have a genuine desire to help others grow and experience ALL that our wonderful industry has to offer. Encourage ALWAYS!

How do you keep yourself motivated?

I do a word for myself and team every year. Can be a phrase, acronym… this years’ word is not original thought. It is an acronym, P.A.C.E. It not only reflects the rocket ship called Bellami but stands for something we live. P = Personalization, A = Authenticity, C = Creative Content and E = Experiential Equity. Another huge motivating factor is in our name, Bellami. It means Beautiful Me. We exist to find the Beautiful Me that lives in every person we are privileged to come in contact with.

Is it true what they say about Kansas City Bar-BQ?

Yep! It’s the BEST, and the best BBQ is in Kansas City at a gas station. My secret!

Fill in the blank. If I could have any celebrity’s hair, it would be….? Why?

Christiana Aguilera. Because I LOVE her Stylist, Priscilla Valles, she is an extension artist!

So…you ride motorcycles?

I love to kick off my high heels, put on some mean boots, jump on my Harley Davidson Fat Boy Low, twist the throttle and hang on!

What piece of advice would you give to someone just graduating from Cosmetology school?

Always remember the reason you chose to go to Cosmetology school in the first place….each-and-every day. Your dream job is about to begin and you’re ready to take-off! Now, FLY!

Personal Motto? 

You have to give it away to keep it!

What’s so great/unique/awesome about Bellami? 

Bellami was founded to celebrate others! Back to the Beautiful Me idea! Our core values revolve around improving the lives of others. From helping Stylists with 5 different methods of hair extensions, (Clip, Tapes, I-Tips, K-Tips, Wefts) to making sure that they have fun today and a financial safety net for tomorrow, all the way to supporting children with cancer through our wig foundation. Bellami truly walks the walk!

One product you can’t live without.

Bellami Khaleesi  20” 280 gram Dirty Blonde extensions!
Oooohh La La!!