Karina Lutzy
Marketing Director – Product & Brand Development
Sexy Hair
Los Angeles, CA


Originally from?

I am Canadian and was born in the beautiful city of Montreal.

How long have you been in professional beauty?

I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 15 years and in professional beauty for 7 years. 

What was your first job in professional beauty?

I started off in the professional side as a Senior Marketing Manager at Sexy Hair Concepts but got my first start in beauty by doing an Internship for Lancôme. 

What’s so great about professional beauty and why?

I think what I love most is to give stylists the tools they need to succeed and working with such wonderful and passionate people!


What one trait do all successfully awesome stylists share?

I think passion, creativity mixed with a great sense of business is key but to have a long and successful career, continued education and being opened minded and having the ability to listen to others is key. We all benefit from getting out of our comfort zone, learning new things and pushing our boundaries.

What did you do before getting into “the biz”?

The beauty industry is my passion and I was lucky enough to find my path right in the beginning of my career. When I ask myself what I would do if it wasn’t doing this, the answer is always linked to the beauty industry. I did get the opportunity to venture in another field at one point but came right back crying. I think it is just part of my DNA.

What do you do anyway?

I do so many things but most of all I am in charge of building our product innovation plan from start to finish. I also touch on International Marketing and help manage our branding across 45 countries. It keep me pretty busy!


I’m somebody who wants to do your job. What’s the most important thing to know?

It is an amazing field to work in because it is a perfect balance of the more strategic side of the business with the ability to be extremely creative. Be prepared to work extremely hard but also have lots of wonderful experiences and meet some amazing people!

How do you keep yourself motivated?

I love what I do so it’s easy for me to get motivated. When I have a tough day, I try to stay strong and help myself to a glass of champagne (or two)!

Are you Canadian, American, Italian?

My mother is French Canadian and my father is American with an Italian & Spanish background. But my husband is Italian so everyone thinks I’m Italian, but I speak French and English. I like to say I’m well-rounded!

Who is/was Canada’s greatest style icon?

That’s a great question! At the moment Jessica Pare owns it! 

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Sunshine or snow?

My bikini without a doubt!

When in Italy, what do I need to be sure to do?

I love to walk around and just take in the culture and the art-de-vivre that Italians are famous for…it’s so relaxing and just a different vibe than my every day.

Personal Mantra

Determination is my word. Never give up on dreams.

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How many Sexy Hair products have you developed?

That’s a great question. I don’t know the exact answer because there are so many but it is over the 60 mark.

Sexy Hair product you can’t live without?

We are working on so many exciting products that it’s hard to pick! I do love Big Sexy Hair Powder Play for that instant volume and that je-ne-sais-quoi look! Our Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable perfectly fits my style having great hold with no product feel!