We have been getting to know Kyle Pinneo over the last year or so and he is cut from the Hair Nerd cloth for sure!


You had a video that went viral last year.  Tell us about that…

Lol yes, I did….Where to start?!? So I created a video for my Instagram page that showed how I style my beard. I wanted to add new content to my page as it was a lot of the same thing and I figured this would be something fun to share. I was also planning on trimming my beard way down so I figured it’s now or never. I knew it was something fun and different but I had no idea it would explode the way it did and go viral.

After posting I told a few friends to go see my latest post and tell me what they thought. My friend Kate who’s also a Redken Artist told me I had to share it on Facebook so she could share it on her page. I was hesitant as I wasn’t sure how much attention I wanted to bring to it. Little did I know that within a 48 hour period, it would hit 1 million views and eventually hit 3.2 million. I’m still baffled at how this silly little video went viral.

What surprised you the most from the experience?

I was surprised by how much it blew up. I guess to me this was “normal” but to so many it was such an out of the box thought process. To me it’s just hair and I should be able to tame it anyway that you would deal with hair on you head. I’m just glad that it made people laugh or smile. I’m forever know as the blow dry beard guy. Lol

Being a ginger… blessing or curse?

Hahaha BOTH! Growing up it was definite a curse. It was the one thing that instantly made me different from the rest (including my family) but it’s definitely a blessing now. People are crazy obsessed with gingers these days (maybe because they think we are going extinct) Being ginger, I’m recognized so much easier and more memorable which is good in this career…I guess that could be a curse too depending on what I’m up to. Lol

You reside in the midwest. What advice would you give to a stylist who thinks you have to be in LA or NYC to do big things in the industry?

You can do whatever you set your heart to. Sure you may have to hustle a little harder but you can absolutely do big things and be noticed without being in a major city. For me, partnering with a brand like Redken has allowed me to take my career even further. Hair color/Haircare brands are always needing educators and platform artist no matter where you live. You just have to be willing to travel.

Also with social media playing a huge role in our industry it just takes one post or one collaboration before your career could take off. Share your work and tag major hair pages, you never know who may share it… besides, what do you have to lose if they don’t?

What advice would you go back in time to give #CosmoBaby Kyle?

Oh god, so many things like don’t perm your hair with a bowl cut… lol biggest advice I would give to my CosmoBaby self is to always put yourself out there and stop caring what others think. Be true to yourself and believe in the work that you create. I’m a huge advocate now of embracing yourself and not caring what others think about you. You’re amazing just as you are!

Top 3 Stylists you would love to work with:

  1. Guido Palau
  2. Charlie Price
  3. Jason Backe

Which classes/ techniques have blown your mind ? 

As crazy as it sounds I’m constantly in awe of all the different ways to balayage or blonde. It seems like someone is always coming up with a new technique or putting a new spin on things. I’m also blown away by some of the vivid hair people are creating. It’s inspiring to see this industry grow and push the boundaries.


Favorite Product EVER.. like you would pay RETAIL you love it so much.

Ok so I’m gonna cheat on this one. Favorite product with my long hair is Redken’s Wind Blown. I absolutely can’t live without it! Gives me the perfect tousled textured. For my beard (and hair) it’s Diamond Oil Glow Dry. I could bathe in that!

What has been the most amazing opportunity you have had in this industry so far?

The most amazing opportunity I’ve had so far was becoming a Redken Artist. It had been a dream of mine to become an educator for them and I’m so thankful that they embrace me “weirdness” and allow me to share my passions with other like minded stylists. Having a viral video has been kind of cool too.

Have you ever had an “OMG, what the hell am I doing here?!” moment? Share.

Haha so last Redken Symposium I got roped into being a beard “model” for the men’s class. I definitely didn’t belong on stage with the other models. LOL! People actually asked me why I was being so serious on stage. I think I was just trying to perfect my blue steel face. LOL! Looking back now, I should have just strutted that runway and been myself but I was SO uncomfortable being the model instead of doing the hair.

What do people find most surprising about you?

A couple things… unless I’m around friends I’m actually pretty shy and won’t initiate a conversation. I get the “I thought you were a bitch when I first met you” A LOT, but once you get me talking I won’t shut up! (You’ll also find that I’m a pretty nice guy too) The other thing people are shocked by (especially since I’m a colorist) is that if you were to give me a color blind test, I would fail miserably! Haha but oddly enough I see all colors. Go figure?!?


What is your next BIG goal?

My next big goal is to hopefully facilitate at the Redken Exchange in NYC. I’d love to be able to share my passion for this industry further on an even larger scale. I’d also really love to work NY Fashion week at some point in my career.

I knew I was a Hair Nerd when….

No matter where I am, or whoever I’m around, I’ll steer the conversation to talk about hair in some way. That and I’m always making hair contact before eye. Lol


You can stalk Kyle at:

instagram: @kyle.redken

Youtube: Ginger Beard Kyle