Laura Keigley-Savoie

Business Development Manager/USA, label.m

Gulf Breeze Florida


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Originally from?

I ‘m a Florida girl who loves her sunshine state! I can’t get enough of the sun and sand. I was born and raised in Pensacola FL, where we have sugar-white sandy beaches and emerald green water. It’s a beautiful place to be; you need to come visit!  After high school I moved to Baton Rouge, LA to attend Louisiana State University. I graduated from LSU with a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies accompanied by four minors in Business, Communication Studies, Psychology, and Sociology…or as I like to say I am extremely well-rounded.


How long have you been in professional beauty?

I began my career in this amazing industry back in 2007. When I got into “the biz” I had no idea what I was getting into and, looking back, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. The professional haircare industry pulls you in with all of the excitement, constant change and all of the awesome people you get to meet. No two days are ever the same, that’s for sure!


What was your first job in professional beauty?

I started as a Regional Manager for Kenra, covering Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, the Panhandle of FL and Arkansas. I was responsible for developing and increasing sales and salon relationships within my territory and for building and expanding meaningful relationships with key distributors.

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What’s so great about professional beauty and why?

Relationships…it’s the people! I have been so lucky to meet and work with some incredible people who are extremely talented at what they do.  In pro beauty, we work hard and play hard. It’s all about doing a great job, but having fun while you do it. I can look back and say I have made some incredible friendships.


What one trait do all successfully awesome stylists share?

Drive! It’s a hunger for continually growing themselves, their business, and their talents. They don’t settle, always wanting to be their best.


What do you do anyway?

Oh wow, so much! I get to wear a lot of different hats in my role with label.m and I get to travel to a lot of great places, which is one of the many reasons I love what I do. I am responsible for helping grow the brand in the US. By working with four Distributors based in San Jose, Chicago, Kansas City, and Birmingham.

I maintain and build relationships with my distributors, the owners, management and their sales teams.  I manage the needs of my distributors; including implementation of marketing and educational plans, hosting sales meetings, and overseeing promotional activities. I am also responsible for preparing annual sales forecasts and achieving those goals.

I also create, build and maintain on-going relationships with key salons through salon visits and activities needed to support the development of the distributor sales teams — implementing business development initiatives in order to increase the distribution of label.m Professional Haircare.


What do you like about it?

I really love our products and that is definitely a huge plus, and, of course, the people…I love the people! Everyone is creative and most people are a lot of fun! I love helping people achieve their goals, both in the field and in the salon.


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What does your day-to-day look like?

It’s so hard to say, because, seriously, no two days are exactly alike, which is another thing I love about it! Some days I’m meeting with distributors or attending a sales meeting, the next I might be in salons talking to stylists and owners about our products or working on plans and budgets. One thing is for sure, I’m always on the go.


I’m somebody who wants to do your job. What’s the most important thing to know/skill to have and why?

Strong time management skills are extremely important, with the ability to prioritize and efficiently solve problems. You should also be outgoing, confident, and comfortable in your own skin. You are often placed in unfamiliar situations with people you have never met, so you have to enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new places.


How do you keep yourself motivated?

I love what I do, so it’s not hard for me to stay motivated.  Getting out of bed and getting started each day is something I look forward to.


Have you ever been to Senior Frogs in Nassau, Bahamas?

Oh lord yes! I was lucky enough to go on a SalonCentric trip with an amazing group of people, awhile back. My memory is a little fuzzy, but I think you were there, Dev!  It is one of my most favorite work trip memories.  I can, and will, use the pictures as blackmail for all those involved someday.


What’s so great about living in Florida? Beaches and the warm weather hands down!

I am a water baby who loves the sun, sand, and water. There is always something going on and I love all the water activates that are available here. I’ve recently gotten into paddle boarding, which is great exercise, but it’s also a great way to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Nothing is better than being out on the water and having the sun shining down on you! Makes me feel great!



I think I want to go shopping. Where in the world should I go?

I love unique shops and one of my favorite places to find them is on Magazine Street in New Orleans! Not only do they have amazing food and cocktails, they have some great one-of-a-kind boutiques to explore. You can always find something that no one else will have, but the only problem is you might not fit into the clothes after all the divine food — so you might want to stick to shoe shopping.


Personal mantra?

“Anything less than the best is a felony” – Vanilla Ice


A couple of label.m products that you can’t live without?

Oh lord, there are so many great ones it’s hard to narrow them down! I am, however, totally addicted to our Dry Shampoo and Resurrection Style Dust. They give my hair great texture and are perfect for any gal on the go!