As Hair Nerds we are able to pin point those moments in time that were defining moments in our nerdiness.  The flashes of inspiration where you feel like the world is moving in slow motion and you are exactly where you should be.  The Hair Heavens open and shine down on you.  That moment,  THAT feeling was this event.

We were present at the ninth Lisa Vann & Friends Event in Seattle, WA.  Hosted by Milagros Salon where  Ted Gibson, Jason Backe, and Stephen Dimmick joined Lisa Vann for an evening of education and community.


Before we tell you just how amazing this show was,  let us first mention how dangerous Seattle is for  The Hair Nerds.  Normally, Starbucks is a once a day…twice MAX habit, for us. Put us in Seattle and suddenly Erin is online searching for a 24 hour location while wandering the streets of downtown. (We blame Nina of Passion Squared)


After becoming properly caffeinated,  we snuck into Millagros Salon to get a bit of pre-show stalking in.. It is a physical impossibility for us to stay away from such genius hairdressers.



Carrie immediately zeroed in on the bunny ears that were for the Gibson Girls that evening.  After a bit of coaxing she finally agreed to give them back.  Everyone looks better in bunny ears, right?


There is something exhilarating about prep day..  stylists and makeup artists working together to create a unified look of awesome.  The camaraderie that is felt behind the scenes is what keeps our little Hair Nerd Hearts charged.   The ever fabulous Stephen Dimmick headed up the makeup team in the incredible atrium space at Milagros Salon and Spa. (Seriously, though… this salon is the coolest space.  We decided to move in, hope that’s ok!)



We love what Lisa Vann has created with this independent education series.  Stylists from all over the country travel to Seattle to experience these  intimate and highly creative shows/ classes.    We can definitely get behind independent artists and those who support them.


We headed to the Triple Door Theatre  in downtown Seattle in the afternoon before the show began to sneak a peek of final prep and the team before going on stage.

Ted brought his insanely amazing mentor Zan in from Texas. Looks like all the cool kids are from Texas, ladies and gentlemen…  Ted Gibson, Zan, Erin… oh, wait on that last one.

 The crowd lost their minds when Ted took the stage after the bunnies opening act.


The next 2 hours were spent cutting, styling and explaining color.  Jason Backe took really fun guerilla style color videos with his phone during the prep process.  He a Loreal Professional Color Ambassador and we are kinda obsessed with him and his mad color skills.



These insanely hot  models were a crowd pleaser, for sure!



We can’t thank Lisa Vann enough for letting us come hang out during her ” Lisa Vann and Friends”  event.  If you have an opportunity to make it up to Seattle definitely check out her education schedule at LisaVann and Friends.



In true Hair Nerd fashion, we got all super stalky and cornered Zan, Jason and Ted backstage against a stairwell.  You can run… but you can’t hide….



James Cheng shot all the models from the show afterwards,  couldn’t you just die?!


Want to up the ante on your hairdresser game? Of course you do.. you are a Hair Nerd! Be sure and check out the Ted Gibson Beauty Advanced Academy .