Since its humble beginnings in 1989, NAHA finalists and industry elite have brought this iconic photographic beauty competition to new heights year after year. NAHA continues to recognize the beauty industry’s most talented artists and advance the careers of stylists around the world. Nothing makes us happier than meeting artists we REALLY want to root for… Good people who love the industry, value education and aren’t afraid to put in the hard work 



How does competing help you as an artist?

Competing makes me try new things and stretches my creative muscles. I learn all sorts of new tricks to think on my feet. It also breaks up standing behind the chair. Not that I don’t love being behind he chair, but being on set makes my tummy tingly, and my smile wider.

I also really believe in competition within this wonderful industry. It helps the industry come together, grow, and invent new techniques that inspire new trends.



Beyond hair, what other creative outlets do you have?

I have always liked to paint, but lately I’ve been getting into watercolor. I love adding the layers of translucent color to create richer, and more interesting colors. The playfulness of the water is also fun to see unfold. In watercolor, you can’t really fix your mistakes like you can in oil painting. I like that.

I also like to cook. As I write this, I am finishing up some lavender white chocolate ice cream, simmering some bbq sauce to serve on top of gourmet burgers, and finalizing the final touches to some eggs benedict deviled eggs for an appetizer. I like creating menus that don’t necessarily go together, but once you start eating… It all starts to melt together. Kinda like hair color, or creative cuts! I don’t always know the road I will travel, but I love the journey and hopefully the destination. I think creative cooking takes some bravery. As does watercolor. As does hair dressing.



Describe yourself in 5 words.








Have you ever been victim of a hair travesty?

Back in hair school I decided to perm my hair, four days before NAHA 2013 (where I was nominated in the student category). Well, me and my hairfriend were having too much fun and we forgot to blot after the perm lotion, and we went straight to neutralizing… So after five minutes we decided to blot then neutralize again… Never neutralize twice. Just don’t. My hair was gummy and super fried. I ended up with some pretty cool texture, but let’s just say, I considered shaving my head.



Whats your biggest fear in life or your career?

Hmm… Fear? Climate change is honestly the most terrifying thing to me. Watching the changes in weather in just my lifetime are heartbreaking and the most grim thing I can think of. In a more lighthearted tone, I’m afraid of level 1 & 2 box dye, but who isn’t?! Petrifying!!!



Whats the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Never settle. Work hard until you get what you’re worth. I’m sure it wasn’t said to me in such a way, but having pride in what you do is really important, and this is the summary of many long talks with my amazing family and friends.


I knew I was a Hair Nerd when…

I went to London for the first time about ten years ago, and I spent hours and hours going to the Vidal Sassoon creative salon to see what fun, and beautiful cuts the artists could come up with. Who would have thought ten years later, I would be watching Schorem DVD’s while streaming Sam Villa haircuts to my phone as I braid my mannequin head. Sounds pretty #HairNerd to me!