We met TJ Pintacura  at Steve Elias’s class “From Behind the Chair to Behind the Lens”. Instantly we were intrigued by his story. TJ traveled to Hong Kong to focus on his marketing career, as a marketing executive, somehow finding his true passion in beauty. His ideas of what beauty truly is and why it is so important speaks to all of us, making him a for sure one to watch! ~ The Hair Nerds 
My passion for hair and beauty comes from the many transformations in the beauty industry. Since a young child I have always been involved in style and beauty, it was only natural to end up doing hair.

I saw changes in people’s outer and inner beauty, affecting their entire life. The industry is always evolving making it one of the most exciting to be involved in.

Living in Hong Kong as a marketing executive,  helped join my drive for style and professionalism.

I was in the beginning stages of my cosmetology program at the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology Paul Mitchell, when I first heard about Beacon. I had little professional training, but  decided to try out for the contest to go to Beacon.

The team at SFIEC is phenomenal; if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have been a Beacon winner. They made a step by step plan on what to do and how to succeed for the entry.

Every year multiple SFIEC students get to go to Beacon due to wonderful preparation and guidance, and I was able to be one of them. For my three images, I styled 3 different looks.

I believe my marketing piece was what made me stand out. This 30 second video commercial portrayed my future career goals. My main goal is to have an international salon company. If you click on the link you will see that the doll heads are in need of dire help!! Showing the judges my over the top goals, creative, and comical side definitely helped me become a Beacon winner.

As a Beacon winner, I was able to go to Las Vegas, attend the Beacon symposiums, and go to NAHA! Rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of the beauty industry as a student is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Alumni from SFIEC that have gone to Beacon have gotten job offers at the event as well as the opportunity to assist the likes of Vivienne Makinder. The opportunities are endless and I can’t wait to have the time of my life!