Lyndsey Bardnell, Vice President of Strategic Projects and Industry Development at Luxury Brand Partners, is responsible for spearheading project-based initiatives that benefit the beauty industry as a whole. In this role, Lyndsey has been instrumental in creating Ideologue, a biannual conference that gives salon owners and stylists access to global thought leaders, and producing the documentary The Reset, hairstylist and filmmaker Howard McLaren’s inside look at the beauty industry. In addition, Lyndsey facilitates strategic talent acquisitions, leads business school classes and continues to expand the scope of The EmpowHERment Project, an initiative that promotes the recognition and mentorship of women in front of and behind the chair. Her work has elevated the profile of LBP, positioning the company as an innovator and leader in top-of-the line educational experiences.

Prior to her current position, Lyndsey has held various executive roles in education and sales at Luxury Brand Partners and Oribe Hair Care, LBP’s prestige hair care brand. In these positions, she has led and developed sales territories and created business content for both external clients and internal teams. She began her career at Bumble and bumble, where she worked in sales, strategy and curriculum development.

Born and raised in North Canton, Ohio, Lyndsey holds a Bachelor of Arts in in English and communications from the University of Cincinnati. She is an active member of the nonprofit group, Solace of Stark. Currently, Lyndsey resides in Ridgewood, New Jersey, with her husband Mark, their 6-year-old daughter Charlotte and 7-year-old son Greyson. 

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What does a “typical” day look like for Lyndsey?

One of the things I enjoy most about my life and career is that, while my family framework keeps me stable (and sane), my professional days often look and feel very different, depending on what projects are the center of my focus. The things that anchor me are getting my children up for school and putting them to bed as many days as I possibly can, given that I do travel quite a bit. Several times a month I facilitate business classes at the LBP Studios in Miami and I spend the rest of my time in between NYC, LA, NJ and LA. One thing I learned very early in my career is that its “better to be busy than bored”. I am a person who is both curious and feels driven to execute and so I secretly love the momentum of it all (even if I do occasionally have to hear my kids tell me I have bags under my eyes).


Tell us everything we need to know about LBP?

I wouldn’t dare to say I know EVERYTHING you need to know, but I’ve been around a long time so I can tell you that we are founded by and continue to be propelled by people who care about artists, artistry and innovation. When I joined Oribe 6 years ago, it was an emerging luxury brand that dared to launch during the recession. Now Oribe is widely considered to be one of the best haircare brands in the world and is the proud big sister to 5 other artist-driven brands in the LBP Family. I love all the brands equally (well, we all have our favorite sibling, but you get what I mean) and am most impressed and devoted to the company’s dedication to keeping our finger on the pulse of the changing needs of the industry and being open to learning about new ways to engage with and serve the community and our consumers. Some examples of how we do that are: The Reset (documentary), LNWTF, Idealouge, Perfect Storm, etc…


What was your first job in professional beauty?

In 2003 I interviewed for a job in field sales for Bumble and bumble. In NYC. I’m a loyalist so I was in several roles for Bb for 9 years and I’ve now been with LBP for 6. Since I started I’ve been in sales, sales leadership, education, curriculum development, learning and development, business development, strategy and now…well now I have a role where I get to draw on all of those invaluable experiences.


What is the biggest challenge you face in your career?

This is a tough one and my answer is twofold: The number one toughest challenge I face in my career is explaining to my children why I’m hopping on a plane. The second toughest challenge is sharing the findings from what I learn (from the community or otherwise) with my colleagues and/or audience in a way that they can truly hear it. Humans tend to fear change and we like to have our existing opinions validated. Its sometimes difficult to accept that the old way isn’t always the best way.



You have been in the industry for quite some time, have you ever secretly wanted to get your cosmetology license?

OMG Yes! For the sake of craft, I haven’t pursued that secret dream. 15 years in and I still can’t give myself a decent blowout. #hopeless


What’s so great about this industry and why?

The long and the short answer is the people. We certainly aren’t one size fits all and, in fact, are probably more diverse than most industries. And yet, the people, the beautifully diverse people share something very special in common. There is this common thread of respect for the importance of human connection. It presents itself differently in different people, but its always there.


Your job has allowed you to meet a lot of stylists. What one key trait do you think all awesomely, successful stylists share?

The willingness and understanding that you’ve never, ever “made it”. There is always, always something more to learn, to consider, to try.



You have two of the cutest kids ever. How do you balance it all?

This is an excellent question. Its definitely a work in progress. Sometimes I feel really great about how well I “balance” and sometimes I let myself feel downright crappy about missing something that either I or they perceive as important. The good news is that they are both positively amazing and my husband is amazing, so we are clearly doing something right.


If you were a cocktail, what would you be?

I am tempted to overthink this one and so I will just tell you my cocktail of choice (clearly influenced by my time in Miami). I would be a Don Julio Reposado with a splash of club soda and four lime wedges. Strong yet fruity. hahahaha


Where can people find out more information about you and LBP? 

Luxury Brand Partners

EmpowHERment Project