A collaborative artist development destination for non-brand biased education. MAINENTRANCE is not only a multidisciplinary think tank, but also a venue for shoots and presentations headed up by two of our favorites DJ Riggs and Berry Bachen.

During this 45-minute demonstration Creative Directors and 8-time NAHA Finalists DJ Riggs and Berry Bachen will show you how to refine classic shapes and apply colour placement with confidence. Learn modern updates to timeless looks like the Castle Bob or Gypsy Shag and compliment them with Advanced Dimensional Tinting or Progressive Highlight Placement (controlled balayage). These techniques are immediately salon viable and will re-energize your classic clientele.




With their cool New York style they show how you can take street trend and translate it into hair fashion for the everyday client. DJ showed off how to over exaggerate lines and remove weight to create texture.



Berry went over foil placement and using negative space to your advantage as to not create another standard “highlight” look.




Berry gave tips on how to use makeup and colored eyeliner to the ends of pre-lighted hair to add a bit of non permanent color for a bit of added funk.



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