Marlo isn’t only a NAHA 2015 finalist in the Haircolor category… she took home the trophy this year!  Nothing makes us happier than meeting artists we REALLY want to root for… Good people who love the industry, value education and aren’t afraid to put in the hard work. She’s not only smart and funny… but knows when to thank her Spanx for supporting her all night! 


Describe yourself in 5 words.

5 words okay well let’s talk about my good qualities lol !!!
I’m strong
I’m very funny
I’m creative
I’m outgoing
I’m kind


Have you ever been victim of a hair travesty?

Oh hell ya ! I have long curly hair , need I say more, every haircut I got was a hair travesty !



What was your biggest F-up with a client?

Well it was with a model at a hair show , I had a model I wanted her to be a super blonde , soooooo we applied lighter on her and the room was so cold due to the air conditioning so I started a drier and warmed it up , then turned it OFF to put the model under the warm environment , as she was sitting under there my partner walked by and noticed the drier was turned off and turned it on ,  one if our girls noticed she grabbed me and we took her to the sink and well the hair was done !!!
In the end she made a beautiful blonde pixie !


Whats your biggest fear in life or your career?

My fear is that I’m not good enough , or I don’t know enough , and that I’ll never lose my baby weight lol lol !



Beyond hair, what other creative outlets do you have?

I love art, I’ve travelled a lot and I’ve seen some beautiful paints , and seen some amazing things , I feel I have an eye for it


What advice would you give to someone wanting to enter competitions?

The advice id give is ask the industry people  for guidance , we are an amazing community and we are willing to help each other out and just do it , stick to your vision and make it happen !



I knew i was a Hair Nerd when..

I was 8 and my dad was in beauty school and he came home with a mannequin head , I was so in love with her , she became my best client!