About the Author

Molly is a Utah native living in Salt Lake City. A #Cosmobaby who fell in love with the Beauty Industry and in her spare time she likes to travel and date her Husband.


I am a Utah native living in Salt Lake City. I’ve attended college and worked for a well-known Hospital for the last 5 years. I love it there, but my childhood dream of becoming an RN is no longer for me. I spent hours of internet-searching new career paths when my husband said, “You don’t always have to be so professional education oriented. Do what you really want. Be a Cosmetologist. Sometimes the best way to take care of someone is to help them feel beautiful.”

And that was it. The next day I toured Cosmetology Schools, and my other childhood dream wasn’t sitting on the back-burner anymore. I kept my Hospital job, dove into the science of aspiring to become a hair colorist and never looked back.


I am currently half-way done with studying Cosmetology. In 800 hours I’ll be free to my own craft of transforming the way people see and feel about themselves and I LOVE it. This Industry has completely exceeded all of my expectations. It has opened doors and opportunities to me that I could never have imagined. For example, I met The Hair Nerds during a Student Exchange Program, where I traveled through Japan with Lisa Yamasaki and [Hair Nerd] Annie. I have had opportunities to see guest artists, and to meet people like Sam Villa and Aubrey Loots. Aubrey brought me to tears the first time I met him. We discussed that chasing after our dreams, sometimes comes with disappointing others. He inspired me greatly, and opened my eyes to the talent that this industry possesses. I believe this isn’t just about building clientele and exceeding their expectations. It’s also about meeting people, building each other-up, continuing our education, sharing our talents to create something incredible, and changing the world one positive human interaction at a time.

Here where I write as a Contributor for The Hair Nerds, I hope to share my thoughts, inspiration, struggles and work as a student stylist. I’m excited to have this space to connect with people, and I can’t wait to grow as a person in this industry.