If you aren’t really sure where to begin your Hairventuring, NAHA is a great place to start. Since it is a Professional Beauty Association Event, you have the opportunity to have multiple brand families at your smart phones reach for a weekend full of networking and stalking. All of your favorite artists in the beautiful Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas are wondering around ready for a #HairNerd pounce… But keep it classy! Along with being at an arms length of a resraining order during your stay, NAHA can also serve as a means to celebrate your fellow hair nerd’s hard work, get your mojo on and find a ton of inspiration to carry you through the next year. We hope you are booking your tickets for 2014 now… or planning a major savings plan for 2015! Trust us…a great way to start your busy holiday schedule is to have a little fire and ice under your butt to make the year end scream with a little passion! ~ The Hair Nerds

The Mad Dash…

Yet again, barely making my flight due to a crazy cosmo educator schedule… I slid in like a jet setter OG, Hair-Venture bound and full of anticipation for a weekend full of amazingness.  Intern Heather kept my eye on the prize and wrangled us a few much needed refreshing Mojitos and grilled artichokes at the SMF Esquire to fuel our Vegas shennanigians.

 While we waited to board we had to take a quick selfie with the help of some fellow #HairNerds NAHA Vegas bound! (which made me a little teary eyed…first time I ran into someone going the same way for NAHA) Boarding to Vegas on the greyhound of the skies is always a treat… You get to hear VIP regurgitated Vegas inspired stand-up along with safety do’s n don’ts and may even have a screaming child running up and down the aisle. But after my hives cleared, I remembered Intern Heather isn’t the best flyer….Then I remembered just how to calm her down… She then thanked me by spilling her Vodka Cran all over me… 25,000 ft.  with a crotch full of vodka is not a good time… But the night didn’t end there, legally blind Erin was there to pick us up PIMP’d out Chrysler. Sexy.

Did we mentions that Erin’s blind VIP Transportation quickly turned into fear for our lives


The Get Together Party always starts off NAHA right. We drink, we take pictures and catch up on all the hair stories.

First things first, Andrew Carruthers (Nominee NAHA 2013 Men’s Hairstylist of the Year) with Lunatic Fringe (Winner of NAHA 2013 Salon Team of the Year), had to get the first squeeze

Group selfie with some of our favorite #hairnerds! Ryan Teal, DeAnnalyn Teal (Nominee NAHA 2013, Haircolor), Tuesday Teal, Hairnerd Carrie, Jake Thompson (Nominee NAHA 2013, Avant Garde) , Jeremy McDougle, Hairnerd Erin and Andrew Carruthers (Nominee NAHA 2013, Men’s Hairstylist of the Year)

Hung out with the amazing Lizz Knaphus, Student Hairstylist of the Year finalist

As we walked through the crowd of #hairdinis we were approached by a handsome strapping gentleman, Phillip Ring, who said he recognized us by the curls in our hair (I may shrink him and keep him in my pocket for keeps #lovehim)

As the cheatable folks excited the City of Hope event, we saw in the crowd one of our Favorite Hair Bear’s, Dean Banowetz, and just had to get a picture

Mingling sure makes a girl thirsty, so Hairnerd Erin and I grabbed a cocktail and ran into Lauren Moser (Nominee NAHA 2013 Texture)

Enjoyed chatting with Charlie Price (Nominee NAHA 2013, Contemporary Classic, Editorial Stylist of the Year, Hairstylist of the Year, Master Hairstylist of the Year) and hearing about all his upcoming #hairventures

We enjoyed finally being able to talk hair with DJ Riggs of MAINENTRANCE.  Looking forward to a Hair Nerd HairVenture in NYC…coming soon!

Who needs a business card when you have bracelets?! Rodrick Samuels has the right idea of how to keep his information at hand.

The Final Hurrah…

As the last call sent stylist sailing, we saw an opportunity. Years prior I vowed to walk the NAHA stage…And tonight was the night. Although not the way I intended. The sweet taste of the NAHA podium would be mine and no one was going to stop me! Erin glanced and said “It’s time”. We Hair Ninjaed to the door and the glory was all OURS.