We have been anticipating this moment for months, now.  This weekend was full of predictions and conversations revolving around who the #NAHA2013 Finalists would be…


We were excited to see lots of our favorites and TONS of new faces!! So while we get super stalky on these unsuspecting stylists ,  we are leaving you with a little pre-game material for NAHA.

Be sure and read up on these finalists so you can book those plane tickets and start reserving hotels!


Jake Thompson

Avant Garde 

We have shamelessly stalked Jake for quite some time, now.  He is always a really good sport about our antics and while he might have threatened to report us to the authorities… we have never been served a restraining order.  The Lunatic Fringe Salons are all over NAHA this year and we can’t wait to share all the details with you!



Charlie Price

Contemporary Classic, Editorial, Hairstylist of the Year and Master Stylist of the Year

Charlie was an over-achiever this year and decided he may as well win all the categories…




Sherri Jessee


We were really excited to see Sherri’s name announced because she is the sweetest person we know!!  She is just so talented!



Sue Pemberton


When we think of haircolor, Sue Pemberton immediately comes to mind.  We love that Damien Carney was her photographer.  They make such a great team!  (Don’t forget to enter the #TurnHeads competition)





Sal Misseri

Hairstylist of the Year

We met Sal on hairbrained.me and loved that he had won the Sassoon Academy Cell Phone Shoot Out.  Now it is the icing on the cake that he has built a presence in one of our favorite competitions!





Silas Tsang


We sat down with Silas just last week to discuss his past nominations and here he is, again!!


DeAnnalyn Teal


We may have done a little dance when we saw DeAnnalyn come up on the screen.  D is possibly the kindest most giving person we have ever encountered. She is an amazingly talented colorist and we are so excited to see her shining so brightly.

Alright Nerds,  you have a jumping off point for the official stalking of #NAHA2013 .   Now we are pulling on our night vision goggles and headed to a window near you.. We kid, we kid..  sort of!