We know we attended NAHA, PBA Beauty week and Cosmoprof North America but the details are a bit fuzzy.  Not because we were white girl wasted  (gotta keep it classy)… but because of our intense sleep deprivation.   These Nerds need more than 4 hours rest in a 72 hour period.

We all landed at different times but the goal was the same… Even the #HairHusbands  got all super stalker on our favorite stylists.  314787_188751921256242_506078048_n


After hitting the Cosmoprof show floor in the afternoon, we stopped on our way to the Get Together Party  to say hello to all the Beacon Students {Future Hair Nerds}.




We met our friend Steve Elias at the party and ran into Robert Lobetta.  There was a small crowd around him so we dropped to the floor and army crawled our way in… kidding!




After he took the first obligatory picture, he says “Now let’s have some fun .”  I am envisioning cross eyed, sticking your tongue out type pictures…  I was wrong.

There was hair pulling… like really hard Shades of Grey hair pulling. It was Robert Lobetta, though…. so there were no questions asked and we just went with it!




Once our tender scalps recovered, we introduced Steve to Larry Curtis, Owner of Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair.  We had recently interviewed a Taylor Andrew’s student who was a NAHA Finalist and chatted with Larry about how excited everyone at TA was for the show.




Tuesday sat behind Nick Hemsley and his boyfriend on the flight to Vegas.  They struck up a conversation about NAHA on the tarmac and reconnected at the party because Nick was a Newcomer Stylist of the Year Finalist. Nick was super fun and said, “ I stalk the stalkers”…. We love you, Nick! Thanks for reading!




Future #HairHusbands of America..




We casually (if by “casually” you mean in a super creepy stalkerish type way) ran into Richie Roman and his Hair Husband, Mark.   Picking up like we had known one another our entire lives we discussed #HairBabies both the human and furry kind and Richie’s plans for the weekend.   We are in love with this duo and you can expect to see lots more on from BOTH of them on The Hair Nerds site.



The boys had been troopers, but eventually we were out of drink coupons and no longer able to entertain them.   When you drag your Hair Husband along for the ride,  it is important that you throw them a bone every once in a while.  At some point, you are going to find yourself in a seedy bar somewhere banking future hair-venture time.  Sometimes you just have to give a little!



While the boys checked their watches, Tuesday explained the nuances of her camera to Biff, our newest Hair Husband.  He was pretty impressed! ( This was actually Biff’s very first Hair-Venture!!)




Carrie finally made it to Vegas after the Get Together party finished and we decided to head to Fremont St. in downtown Las Vegas to celebrate Steve’s birthday.   The #HairHusbands were stoked to shrug off their “responsible husband” personas and throw back some drinks.   When we took our first hair-venture to meet Amy Freudenberg we stayed downtown where her class was held,  but we were too scared to venture out to Fremont St. by ourselves.  This was the perfect opportunity.


We ran into a pub with live music to grab some dinner and encountered the most disturbing scene EVER.   A middle aged man and woman sat in a booth across from each other.  Beside the man, sat a young girl, like really young.. like statutory rape young.   We assumed this was a little family.. perhaps Mom and Dad brought their teenage daughter on a trip, but you know happens when you assume…

The older woman stood up to visit the ladies room and the moment she was out of sight Chester the Molester pounced on the presumably teenage girl.  We aren’t talking about arm around the shoulder here.  We are referencing public indecency.  As our jaws dropped to the floor, Carrie was shocked to see a nipple.  #KeepItClassy

Immediately, our entire table is buzzing about the possible scenarios.  Carrie was glaring and couldn’t tear her eyes from this atrocity.    The creepy couple tore themselves apart just in time for the women to arrive back from the bathroom.  We began reevaluating the situation, begging the question did we just have the relationships backwards?  Was this young girl merely the victim of a cradle robber.. she did seem to be enjoying herself… and this was Vegas after all…

We continued with our evening but watched as they left the bar and “Chester” walked with this arm around the young girl and then grabbed the older woman’s ass. WTF!?  What was going on here?! We feel like we have been scarred for life! How will we ever recover from this situation?

Unable to walk back down the street to a cab we wandered aimlessly trying to process the events we had just witnessed.  Luckily, we spotted a limo and piled in.  At the very least, we should hash through the night’s events in style.



We congregated in Amanda’s suite to game plan for the next days events.  We tend to over schedule ourselves and this trip was no exception.  We go to great lengths to pack every minute  full of Hair Nerd fun.  So around 4 am we packed away our laptops and smart phones and hit the sheets.

Sweet Dreams little Hair Nerd.