NAHA is part of PBA Beauty Week, North America’s largest, most inclusive beauty event, offering unlimited networking, education, and professional growth opportunities to all sectors of the beauty industry. PBA Beauty Week is produced by the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and hosted by Cosmoprof North America.

We spend the entire year looking forward to this one weekend every year.  The 3 days is spent rushing from one event to the next and documenting each second on facebook, instagram and twitter.   So in this pre-quel to our extended Hair-Venture,  we thought we would share a few of our more memorable moments throughout the weekend.

A Stalker’s Lunch

We kicked off our weekend at a lunch with Yolly Ten Koppel, Pivot Point International Creative Director, and Melissa Severin, our Nerd soul mate.  By the end of our yummy salmon salads, we were ready to stow away in Yolly’s suitcase and head back to the Netherlands.

We are nerd pen pals with Melissa Severin and it was awesome to finally spend some quality time together.  We intend to take her to LA with us soon and have a huge Hair-Venture!


NAHA Get Together Party

We always enjoy the Get Together Party because it feels like a space PBA created just for us!  All of the hairdressers on our wish list attend and while they are innocently trying to refill their drink or grab a bite to eat… Bam!! We corner them and gush our undying love.. #StalkersParadise




Nerd Mixer

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary with John McCormick at an industry mixer.  John joined us at NAHA in 2012 after a long standing Twitter friendship.  Now we pal around with John all over LA and he comes to visit the Nerds in Northern California.

Not ones to end the night early,  we went from the Get Together Party to a Media Mixer with a short detour that might have involved sneaking into the Mandalay Ballroom where they were setting up the NAHA stages.


Hot by Hair’s How Living Legends were in attendance at Wild Orchid and the stalking was insane!

The Show

We prepare for NAHA for months…. harrassing people to see their entries,  waiting  not so patiently while they are judged, and then stalking the finalists… So when the show FINALLY gets here,  we are paralyzed with anticipation.

Check out this year’s winners!






 How can you not love these faces?  Anytime we are headed to an awesome event, we can always count on Randy from Hairbrained.Me to be there.    So many awesome hb community members are involved in NAHA.  It is incredible to see the talent demonstrated from this tight knit group of close to 20,000 hairdressers.

HB Member, Sally Rogerson, managed to squeeze in a quick trip to NAHA during the launch of her newest venture S.R. Education.


Irish Dinner

By the time we have attacked all the winners and fellow Hair Nerds,  it is pretty late in the evening.  Realizing the need to re-fuel, we always hit the Irish pub, Ri Ra,  in Mandalay Place before heading over to the after-party. This has been our tradition for the last four years.  We always laugh because Carrie ends up ordering a couple of $28 Vodka Club Sodas and is shocked when the bill comes.  Never fails…




Our Intern, Heather,  attended Beacon and here’s what she had to say about the program:

If you are a student or getting close to graduating from school, you should defiantly not allow Beacon to go unnoticed. Beacon gives students an outlet to meet and learn from some of the most amazing mentors in the industry.

With guest speakers such as Charles Marcus, Larry Curtis, Vivienne Mackinder, Geno Stampora, and many more… we were all amazed by the wisdom, and insight that these industry legends were willing to share with us. I had the most amazing weekend being surrounded by so many inspirational people that had the same love for the industry as I do. Love you PBA!!





Nerd Down

Sometimes being a Hair Nerd is extremely dangerous…  Our intern, Heather, aquired a 3rd degree sprained ankle while taking pictures at the show.   This girl has moxie!  Even after the injury, Heather wanted to push through and stalk on.  Unfortunately, she ended her night in bed icing her ankle.  ** Special Thanks to the bar staff serving at NAHA for helping us create a make shift ice pack. **