While in NYC we popped in for coffee with our super cute friend, Colleen Mathis, who came bearing gifts.  She brought us a HUGE bag of ECRU products which was perfect because the oldest #HairBaby keeps stealing them right out of the cabinets.

(You can read about her ECRU obsession here) 


After we vowed our undying love for Colleen and her limitless access to swag,  she invited us to the Nail It! and Vanity Projects Fashion Week  Event.   Our hearts were breaking as we realized we would be back in California… if only there were a way we could stay.


Nail It Vanity Projects NYFW Flyer Revise 3

Not to worry!  Our special Hair Nerd correspondent Cantrell Mitchell was scheduled to be in NYC and we figured out  a way to combine all our favorite things and people.


We booked Cantrell to dress Colleen’s hair for this awesome event.  Everyone deserves to have the Cantrell treatment at least once in their lives.  We got all super stealthy and lured Cantrell into our hotel room last week which he was probably regretting at 6am while he blew our hair out, every morning.


Ecru 2_ Cantrell and Colleen


” I used an Ergo Styling Tools Smoothing Iron to create the wave.  Pointing the iron down on both sides and twisting away from the face.  Each section was prepped with Prive texture spray.  Then I gently tousled the hair with my hands and finished with the ECRU New York Sunlight Styling Mist for a touchable hold.” – Cantrell Mitchell


Colleen looked amazing and Cantrell had a blast at the event.  Can you say Win-Win?


Be sure and read Cantrell’s in-depth interview with the Nerds.


Ergo Styling Tools


ECRU New York