The Hair Nerds are known for our savy stalking strategies.  First, we become infatuated by a Super-Hair-O’s astounding skills and we quickly find ourselves scouring the internet, along with frequent FB stalkings to properly creep on these unsuspecting souls. And yet – STILL have not been slapped with a restraining order! HA!

I mean, how else could we be at the industry’s top notch hair events and #HairVenture on the regular without us being a bit of obsessionists.

I’m sure as you are reading this, you are thinking, “These girls are f-ing insane” and… as I write this, I may be thinking the same thing. Even still, we nerds have some serious Nerd Stalking standards.

Over the years, we have heard some of the juiciest backstage stories of Hair Show Groupies and shook our heads at the overly ambitous, wanna-be-assistants. We have come to the conclusion that maybe we should shed some light on a few of the do’s and don’ts for a proper Nerd Stalking.  ~ The Hair Nerds

Keep It Together…

Hair Nerds Carrie and Erin falling in love with Angus Mitchell

When interviewing an eye catching stud, such as Angus Mitchell…. try to keep your composure.  No one likes a drooler…

Don’t Judge…

Hair Nerd Erin horrified by what she saw nerd stalking Josh xo

Once you have committed to a stalkee, you must refrain from judgement … no matter what you see or hear… remember, we’re all #HairFamily

Private Time…

Lunatic Fringe Jake Thompson and Andrew Carruthers

If u happen to see your favorite hair stars enter a backroom, this is not an invitation for you to join the party

Shadow Stalkers…

Nerd Stalking Sally Rogerson Chad Law Wanyne Woodruff and Megan Newell

When closely following your favorite hairdressers… make sure you are stealth like, or you may end up with front row seats to the Megan “Megatron” Newell Gun Show!

Take It All In…

Douglas McCoy and Josh xo nerd stalked by Hair Nerd Carrie

We know you love your platform artists and feel the need to wanna take them all in… Fight these urges! A full day of model prep and stage presentations will make anyone bust a little sweat!

Classroom Rules of Engagement…

Josh Wagner and Richelle Evans Nerd Stalking Omar Antonio

When springing for some serious education, it is important to focus on the goal at hand… Your education!  Don’t be so focused on becoming besties and loose out on the Pearls of Wisdom your Hair Stars are willing to give you!

Beauty School Knockout…

Cosmostudent Jenna Nerd Stalking Steve Elias

Just because Steve Elias comes to your cosmo school and teaches you how to be a badass back comber, it doesn’t make you automatic homies for life.  Also, be sure you ask before you attempt to pet your artists curly locks…. they may bite.. or bitch slap!

Right Hand (Wo)Man….

Faatemah Ampey getting Nerd Stalked by Amy Jo Beniek and Emily Flam

A successful stalking can sometimes land you a day of assisting the Super Hair-o  of your dreams. Don’t ask questions….Just pass the foils and fetch the coffee. The best bonding can happen after the job is done, dont break focus by asking about their life story when there is a task at hand.

Hair Nerd Current Events…

Hair Nerds Erin and Carrie Nerd Stalking Anthony Cress's Facial Hair

Knowing about the Movember movement can take you far… How else could we have convinced Anthony Cress to let us play and pose with his amazing facial hair!

Hands Off…

Nerd Stalking Douglas McCoy

Although we often feel like we know each and every stalkee personally, you don’t. A hand shake, a hug… maybe a little closeness while grabbing a quick pic. That’s where it ends…Keep it Classy!  Refrain from getting to know your favorite hairdresser on a way too personal level by attempting to harvest their fruits and berries after their stage presentation.

Yes, this happened! And we were there!  And word on the hair nerds streets… it has happened to unsuspecting artists multiple times.

Hairdressers Are People Too…

Luis Payne Nerd Stalking the Hairroin Hair Family

When you see the Hair God of your dreams out and about, eating or maybe finally having the time to actually get their own hair done… give them some space and most of all respect. To truely Nerd Stalk you must have some finesse, know when to say no. Timing is everything and first impressions are key.

Stalkers Become the Stalkees…

And watch your back! You never know when you may piss someone off and be targeted for revenge!

Sometimes A Nerd’s Gotta Do What A Nerd’s Gotta Do…

Josh xo learning a Hair Nerd Lesson

And when all else fails… take matters into your own hands.  Get that interview and demand those private haircutting demos to elevate your skill and reap the industry knowledge from those who know it so well!


Happy #NerdStalking