Being a #HairBaby, you see yourself evolve into a product-consuming monster.


As the realization set in that I had been given  the unique opportunity to be a million different people through my hair (which is perfect for the stereotypical “teenage girl trying to find herself” thing), I saw my hair go from flowy 16” extensions, to a mature A-line, and later, a feminine pixie cut that has seen every side of the color wheel.


With great hair, comes great responsibility, I’ve come to find. I’ve had to adopt various products for my hair arsenal, that are versatile and evolving, like me, but have a consistent level of quality and dependability. In fact,  even my products recently changed their look!


I’ve found these things in the fabulous New York Streets products, which I first discovered scoping out swag bag goodies, and are now a staple in my bathroom (that is, as MTV Cribs would say, “where the magic happens”).


The volume foam is my saving grace. I have fine baby hair, and the foam is light and gives me hair that touches the ceiling, and I always steal my dad’s NYS wax to smooth down the little tufts of hair at the bottom of my neck.



Let’s just say that along with how uber-versatile these products are,  I love what they stand for. I love the idea of New York, and how it’s always been the pair of lungs that breathes inspiration into the rest of the world.


I found out last week, I get to go to #NYFW this spring as my 17th birthday present (and I mean, can we take a moment to acknowledge how insane that is???).  As I walk down the streets that have inspired art and fashion and cultural revolutions, I’m going to need to keep one Doc Marten stapled to the ground or I might just float away.


I am already planning my New York survival kit to help navigate Fashion Week.  Right now,  I am just trying to wrap my head around how incredible the #HairBaby life  is…  To have a grown up in an atmosphere that encourages creativity and pushes me to follow my dreams is a gift for which I am eternally grateful.