Since its humble beginnings in 1989, NAHA finalists and industry elite have brought this iconic photographic beauty competition to new heights year after year. NAHA continues to recognize the beauty industry’s most talented artists and advance the careers of stylists around the world. Nothing makes us happier than meeting artists we REALLY want to root for… Good people who love the industry, value education and aren’t afraid to put in the hard work


How does competing help you as an artist? 

I feel that competing in anything, it gives you the motivation and inspiration to create greatness.  Competing has helped me to expand my ideas and find new ones, however, I love being able to put it all together in a collection.  Being new to this industry, I am constantly finding inspiration by other artists, and how there are many opportunities that you can pursue to build your image.



Beyond hair, what other creative outlets do you have? 

Aside from hair, I recently found myself dabbling in dance and doing performances. Like creating different hairstyles, dance is a great way to express yourself and gain self-confidence.  I love applying myself in different fields of artistic, or active areas to keep myself busy.


Describe yourself in 5 words.

Explorer, witty, active, achiever, versatile



What terrible hair styles have you personally had over the years?

When I was younger I lightened my own hair and looking back at old pictures it was horribly brassy, I obviously didn’t know about toner. Then there was the time I cut my own hair when I was 6 and had to rock some butchered bangs!


Whats your biggest fear in life or your career? 

Being new to this industry and I still considered myself a student, my biggest fear is my not living up to my full potential or achievements.



Real life advice to someone entering the world of cosmetology…  

This is a rewarding career if you work at it. So don’t ever stop learning, be kind and humble, but most of all never give up and seek as many opportunities as you can.  Continuing to push your limits will help you gain achievements and get further in your career more than you could imagine!


I knew i was a Hair Nerd when… 

I noticed myself critiquing and admiring hairstyles at first sight with the general public, television, and movies.