If you have ever been lucky enough to attend an Oribe Backstage show, you know that this event is more than just a onstage presentation and a few classes. It is an experience and a refresher that not only gives you a ton of inspiration but a feeling of unitiy and pride. The second you touch down, your magical Hair-Venture begins and doesn’t end until you board the flight home.

Oribe holds a very special place in my heart since Backstage Las Vegas was my very first hair show event.  I remember the impact it had on me, and being that I was still a student, I feel it really set the bar for what I strive to contribute. This year Oribe did it bigger than he had ever done it before and with a Miami backdrop it was no wonder it was one of the hottest tickets to score! Here is our experience over the course of three full days… We encourage you to play the Official Oribe Backstage Miami Soundtrack (you will need to download Spotify..but it’s worth it!) while reading our story to really get the full feeling and vibes of our latest Hair-venture. ~The Hair Nerds xo 

Saturday Morning Came Really Early…

Still not fully recovered from our four day Hair-venture at Premiere Orlando I poured myself in the car to make my 6am flight.  I knew I needed to rest up and reboot my energy for the Miami heat filled weekend.

As I flew across the United States, Oribe was kicking off his Open Golf Tournament followed by a celebrity filled Annual VIP Poker Tournament to get the party started in the right direction.

 Miami Heat…

Miami was exactly what I expected.  The nightlife lights shined and the fresh ocean air was intoxicating.  I couldn’t get to my room fast enough to throw on my dress and get over to the Welcome Party at the Hyde South Beach located in the SLS Hotel.

I mean really…. this is what I call a “Welcome”

And why wouldn’t there be sexy Oribe mermaids in the pool?

Once I got settled in with my vodka club, I got the chance to chat with many of the Oribe stylists who traveled miles and miles to be part of this experience.  Christian “Crush” Ceja from the gorgeous Umbrella Salon in San Jose California, was dressed to impress and shared his excitement for this long awaited weekend eager to show off his talents at Sundays “The One” competition.

Always love to hang out with the B. Lee Salon crew! Brenton Lee, Julie Lee, Richard Grant & Paul Awh.

I got super excited and then really nervous of the potential judgment of my outfit while spending time with Ken Downing, Senior VP and Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus.  He was so amazing and very nice… because this was like, shot 25, attempting to capture this moment with my old IPhone 4. #sadface

Being in the beauty industry, we all know we are never short of beautiful people… but in Miami, the second you get off the plane you instantly become a sexy beast. Everyone was beautiful and sexy.  Oribe must of sprinkled Tom Ford infused pixie dust all over his guests.

The one thing that I just love about a hair event is running to my fellow #HairNerd pals.  I found Amy Jo Beniek and Emily Flam were soaking up the amazing ambiance and cocktails at the bar. We knew we should be calling it a night, but not before some much needed catch up time.

Before you Go…

But before they would let me leave, I had to have the grand tour of their VIP room located in the stairwell of the hotel right below the emergency exit sign.

 They had a room with a view…

…And protection and lube because you just never know. This place really cares!

But my most favorite thing about this room was the awesome scrap book Emily Flam made special for this weekend.  She scrapbooks each milestone she hits to never forget her Hair-Ventures.  (I’ll try to get some shots of this awesome book)

We realized eating had never been crossed off of our To-do list with all this excitement and agreed late night sushi was the only thing that could end this night right.

Feeling fully satisfied and anxious to start day two, we said our good byes and tucked our tired eyes into our cozy beds.

See Backstage Miami Day 2 & Day 3 – Coming Soon

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