If you have ever been lucky enough to attend an Oribe Backstage show, you know that this event is more than just a onstage presentation and a few classes. It is an experience and a refresher that not only gives you a ton of inspiration but a feeling of unity and pride. The second you touch down, your magical Hair-Venture begins and doesn’t end until you board the flight home.

Oribe holds a very special place in my heart since Backstage Las Vegas was my very first hair show event.  I remember the impact it had on me, and being that I was still a student, I feel it really set the bar for what I strive to contribute. This year Oribe did it bigger than he had ever done it before and with a Miami backdrop it was no wonder it was one of the hottest tickets to score! Here is our experience over the course of three full days… We encourage you to play the Official Oribe Backstage Miami Soundtrack (you will need to download Spotify..but it’s worth it!) while reading our story to really get the full feeling and vibes of our latest Hair-venture. ~The Hair Nerds xo 

Business in the Front…

My alarm broke out in a loud cheer quickly getting my focus on getting ready for a morning of education. But before I could put my California time clock in check, I had to enjoy my morning view for just a second more.

Good Morning Lover! Yes, this happened and I will most likely happen again… you can’t judge until you put this magic in your hair…

Once I got the coffee on I had a few seconds to enjoy the daytime view from my room. At this moment, I felt the need to cancel my return flight and send for Erin. I knew then why Oribe would never leave and why so many are so in love with Miami.

The morning started with a gathering of the minds.  Idealogue – Owner’s Forum was filled with tons of great information and motivation salon owners can bring back to their Hairtopias across the globe. What we love most about this forum is that it is formatted directly from the questions and topics salon owners are thirsty for.

Idealogue – A gathering of minds and points of view that converge to form a body of innovative ideas to change your business.

I was so excited to be seated by all the cool kids, Modern Salon and Hot by Hairs How.  It was so fun to chat it up with fellow hardcore #HairNerds like Alison Shipley.

At lunch, Maggie Mulhern and Jeryl Spear found that Adam Broderick doesn’t only have muscle in the salon by getting tickets to his tableside gun show.  Jeryl sold a few tickets of her own!

While we were enjoying Adam’s presentation, stylists were lining up for the epic Shore Thing Pool Party at the Shore Club. Amy Jo Beniek and Emily Flam said the lined wrapped the building.

This is why Oribe is a badass! While the salon leaders are getting their education, their stylists are getting the VIP treatment poolside with other Oribe devotees.

And what better way to show your Oribe pride then to get mani to match your favorite Oribe product.

Rueben Carranza wrapped up Idealogue with speaking about the importance of focusing on your top clients and how to keep them coming back. The day was certainly productive and after ten power packed presentations, these salon owners were ready to take on the world.

As we all headed back to our rooms to get done up for the big show, Oribe was working hard along side his team to get all the final prep done.  Mark DeBolt, who was able to work his magic for the show, said that Oribe made sure no one slipped any secrets out before curtain call.  I begged Mark to stuff me into his tool bag but he just couldn’t take the chance…

As Brenton Lee and I walked back to our hotel, we got word the party was still going strong. Maybe we’ll grab a drink…

I think there must of been something in the water because everyone was giving away gun show tickets.

 We found Richard and Julie having the time of their lives meeting hairstylists from all over.  They met a few from my neck of the woods with a great story, their salon owner couldn’t make it but insisted they all still go paying for their entire trip including “drinking” money! Loving that this salon values their team so much… #HairNerdLove

Brenton introduced me to one of his friends… Pinapple Patron!

Party in the Back….

The Fillmore was packed with Oribe crazed hairdressers

We all had a chance to mingle…

 And pose for pictures with Hair Nerd friends… like Hot Tots Haircare, Megan Gage

It Was Time…

As we walked into the venue, we were instantly enveloped by sultry lighting and a smoke kissed stage. I couldn’t of been seated in a better spot, next Megan Gage, Ken Downing and Jeryl Spear in the mezzanine. The entire crowd was full of good vibes eager to be  Oribe-ified.

Oribe has this way of making his events full of sex and drama, leaving you inspired, excited and always wanting more.  After experiencing Backstage Las Vegas, I described my experience to Erin as #HairPorn making it our official description when referring to anything Oribe.

The lights dimmed and the music set the tone.

He arrived in style…

When Oribe hit the stage the crowd went crazy…

The Oribe Team came out in full swag…

Oribe showed his love for Jennifer Lopez

Then a we all got a big surprise… Carman Carrera took the stage

She was beautiful and took control of the entire room while TLC’s “Kick Your Game” played.  The theater became completely quiet filled of sexual energy and completely intrigued by this most glamorous creature.

As Oribe said his goodbyes the crowd cheered and danced

I was sad it was over, I could of sat there another hour… but excited to finally redo my Oribe picture without the look of excruciating pain in my eyes.  See what happened: Oribe Backstage Las Vegas

Backstage the first thing I notice are these amazing wigs!

 The Oribe Education Team with Jolene Turner of American Salon 

I finally got to meet the gorgeous Judy “Mamacita” Erickson

 He entered the backstage area, instantly being swarmed by everyone in the room.  I was so happy to finally be able to take it all in.

We made our way out of the Fillmore and found Oribe’s entire family taking pics and getting ready to celebrate Oribe’s successful show.  I got the chance to chat with them and even convinced Oribe’s momma to take a picture as JLo!  I see where you get all that charm Oribe!

I heard Team Wella was in the house so I got a little stalking in!

This was like…take 75! Our cameras just wouldn’t play nice. #CreepyEyes

 Final, Final…

We had one more stop on the Backstage Train. We knew after all that hard work there was going to be some play at the After Party at Baoli Miami.

Just one drink…

The party was live! We did a little mingling and called it a night.  I needed my beauty rest to gear up for day three, starting with a breakfast date with Oribe.

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