If you have ever been lucky enough to attend an Oribe Backstage show, you know that this event is more than just a onstage presentation and a few classes. It is an experience and a refresher that not only gives you a ton of inspiration but a feeling of unity and pride. The second you touch down, your magical Hair-Venture begins and doesn’t end until you board the flight home.

Oribe holds a very special place in my heart since Backstage Las Vegas was my very first hair show event.  I remember the impact it had on me, and being that I was still a student, I feel it really set the bar for what I strive to contribute. This year Oribe did it bigger than he had ever done it before and with a Miami backdrop it was no wonder it was one of the hottest tickets to score! Here is our experience over the course of three full days… We encourage you to play the Official Oribe Backstage Miami Soundtrack (you will need to download Spotify..but it’s worth it!) while reading our story to really get the full feeling and vibes of our latest Hair-venture. ~The Hair Nerds xo 

Breakfast at Oribe’s…

After such an amazing day of education, pool party fun and a hot show, it could be a little hard to top.  Breakfast with Oribe along with some chit chat time…kind of #UuhMazing

I even got to play photographer for the Modern Salon girls!

Meanwhile, Amy Jo & Emily were packing their weapons for “The One” competition. Oribe always includes a day of hands-on at his Backstage events, but this year was special, he was looking of someone to mentor and ultimately become “The One”

Oribe said “I am looking for someone fresh and new that can follow directions and listen” he had some tricks up his sleeve, feeling confident the one would sparkle and show themselves in the mist of hundreds of hair stylists. He also said “I have special glasses so no one will see my eyes, I may be standing next to you but be looking at some else” and “They must listen, my directions are very important”

Jeryl and I enjoyed being breakfast buddies! We scored and had Oribe to ourselves.  We chatted about sexy hair, beautiful Miami and our experiences at Backstage over the delicious Terrazza fare.  I also showed him the awesome picture I took of his Mom (Backstage Day 2) He loved it!

 “The Breakfast Plate of Oribe” haha! I really thought about taking this with me but didn’t want to come off super creepy to my new friends…

The One…

I arrived as stylists were getting all set up and ready for the battle


“God, is that you?” Oribe climbed up onto the top of the ladder so the entire room could see and hear him.

Everyone was called to their stations and were given their first set of instructions “I want to see clean work areas, no bags under the tables”

Hairdressers spread out like wild fire to adjust any work area havoc.  Oribe walked the room for his inspection and see how well his word was followed.

After everyone got resettled in, the inspiration was set.  He wanted them to create their version of a sexy Chupacabra.

Chupacabra – “Goat Sucker” a mythical creature said to hunt livestock in Mexico, Central America and southern United States 

This excited me, I knew the creative flow was about to explode and got to be front and center for the entire thing.

The floor had a overwhelming buzzing of brain activity that quickly transitioned into creative flow.











 Oribe floated throughout the crowd.  He had a mission and was determined to find the diamond in the rough.











 We love this picture! Always looking so suave…













It was fun to watch everyone’s interpretation of Oribe’s inspiration


 Everyone was given some serious swag… but they also received Oribe’s Gold Color Spray.  It was made special for this event and for the stylists attending!

One of Oribe’s rules... “Use the Gold Spray last!”  Did everyone follow these directions????










 Each time I passed one of these carts o’ love, I was instantly tempted to either put more product in my hair or just grab the entire thing and run out of the building with it.










Any Hair Nerd would die for the chance to score an internship with the one and only Oribe! So when Oribe announced he was looking for “The One” to his signature salons across the globe, it was no wonder over 350 stylists showed up to battle. This was also a chance for the Oribe family to set a world record! Guinness World Record for Most People Styling Hair! The record is currently being confirmed, but it happened, I was there!











Lunchtime was a good time.  These hungry stylists were happy to get a little fuel for their artistic minds.  The spread was awesome and super healthy, and couldn’t of come at a better time.

While the lunch line grew, Lori Morris and I had some fun with the Oribe Photo Booth!

 With only a half hour to eat, these girls knew to choose super healthy to keep them on point!

After you eat, grab some Oribe Swag!

Back on the Grind…

After lunch Oribe had more wise words and important directions…

…and visual inspirations. ( Oribe’s actual sketches drawn live for the stylists )










We were coming to the end and Oribe found it to be the perfect time to put his special touch one styles that spoke to him. Stylists followed him to each head of hair to watch him work his magic.

And then it was time, he announced it was time for the final runway presentation…

 And “The One” is…










Oribe’s Protégé was announced!  Luigi Bruni Salon’s Kevin Green, from Birmingham, Michigan, will have to honor of standing side by side with one of the industry greats and is sure to do some amazing things of his own in the coming years! Congratulations Kevin!

I Don’t Wanna…

As the crowd cheered, I cried a little inside… I had to go home.  My 3 day action packed Hair-Venture had sadly come to an end. After a two years of steady jet setting travel, I had finally fell in love with a destination and was willing to stay…Forever!


Once I woke from my Miami daydream… (About two hours into my workday …the day after)  I knew this had been an experience of a lifetime and worth every second of the hard core jet lag that lasted about a week!

Thank you Oribe! xo  

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