Once upon a time we did Hair-Ventures with Carrie’s crappy Olympus camera and anxiously waited for Tuesday morning to share our Hair-Venture shenanigans with our pals due to the crappy phone service contracts we could afford… Thankfully these days are gone. So in light of our next big adventure to Miami, we thought it was only right to share our first experience with Oribe Backstage and gear you up for what is sure to be an epic and unforgettable moment in Hair Nerd History. So laugh, get excited and be inspired and enjoy the early days with us for a moment. ~ The Hair Nerds xo

The Golden Ticket

The day started like any other Wednesday homeroom… announcements, graduates final words and videos of cool shit Erin knew we had to see. So as I glanced at the screen and saw the teaser for Oribe Backstage LV, I instantly fell in love and quickly gave Erin the eye letting her know I was accepting this battle. You see, whenever it came to student trips at my beauty institute, it meant that if you thought for a second you just might wanna be there you’d better be ready for the mad dash to the sign up sheet once homeroom came to a close. These dashes didn’t always end well, and sometimes there were tears….but I knew if it meant teeth were getting knocked out then so be it… I was going to Oribe…and maybe to the bathroom just a little earlier than everyone would be excused to access that hallway list of dreams.

Landing Strip

Once we hit the strip it was excitement and nerves. Everyone got settled and hit the mall on the strip to find the perfect outfits or accents their suitcases weren’t going to provide. Drinks and gold shoes was our groups target. We saw tons of gold shoes but none that said Oribe, until one store finally had them…THE shoes. Classy glittery gold pumps without that flea market feel. I was sold and told to just swing on by and grab my fabulous size 8 stretched heels that were sure to fit a size 9 with no problem. So I did…

Beauty is Pain

And so is walking across the street to the show of a lifetime in shoes that feel like they will crush your toes at any second. But that wasn’t going to stop me. Each step took a hard core internal scream, but I did make it over and finally reached the venue.

As I was walking in, I get rushed from behind by Brenton Lee. Once my feet were back on the ground, I knew these shoes weren’t gonna last. He enjoyed the fact that I almost pissed my pants and loved that I actually thought these shoes would work out for me all day.

But we still got a cool pic with his VIP limo and made our way in.

I feel that every hairdressers in the world should experience an event like  Backstage. Las Vegas Back Stage was such an inspiring eventful weekend. No event can you go to and go to a pool party, watch an amazing show with amazing hair, participate in hands on class on a model, and go to the club within 3 days.  The hands on portion allowed me to step outside the box and create cool hair. It was such an amazing event to be apart of. Oribe and his team are soooo inspiring. ~ Brenton Lee

Once we entered the show we were greeted with swag bags full of Oribe love

The inspiration book was amazing!

The show started with drinks and nosh and the mind melting show began.  This was my first true hair event that focused on a team of creative minds displaying a culture they really were wanting to share and inspire the crowd with.

As much as I love hair shows and education classes, I knew this was different and felt this show took me to a different level of excitement for this craft and the people who do it.

Since my crappy pics couldn’t possibly excite you, I found this awesome video to really give you a taste…

The show came to an end and we knew any moment Oribe was going to walk out and say “Hello” So we waited with anticipation staring down the backstage doors hoping it would be him.

As we stood there waiting Cosmo pal Kelley and I knew standing at this point of the evening would be the most dumbest idea ever and found a safe and hidden place to let the blood flow back into our feet.

Joy & Pain

The doors opened and Oribe made his entrance.  We flocked to him like hungry dogs, snappping pictures, asking 50 questions each while seeking advice for the journey we were about to embark.

Then it was my turn!

 If you look closely you can see the pain in my eyes… I was literally dying from my numb & painful toes while having the time of my life.

Oribe kindly said his hellos to each of us and headed into the media room.  We all watched him as floated away in his awesomeness and headed to the VIP Party!

The night was amazing as was the entire experience for us cosmo students having the opportunity to be so inspired and leave so excited was priceless.


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June 8th – June 10th

 Special Thanks: Video by Buzziowacity   Oribe pic by BTC