The Hair Nerds are honored to have David Stupplebeen guest posting with us this week.   David is the ultimate Hair Husband and Social Media God.  He’s a double threat kind of guy…  We adore him and know you will, too!!


I started using Pinterest about a month or so ago, and I have to admit that I’m mildly addicted to the service. It serves as a place where style and décor get crowd-sourced and  you can file away a recipe for later and share it with your friends in a way that Facebook and Twitter can’t.

Basically, Pinterest is a place where you can publicly organize and bookmark images, videos and links from across the web.

Did you like something on a website? Pin it.

See an awesome photo that inspires you? Pin it.

Love that vase from Crate & Barrel? Pin it.

Everything gets organized the way you want it, and the people following you can see what your tastes and styles are.  Just get the “Pin It” feature for your browser, or repin from other members.


5 Reasons you will LOVE Pinterest

Image based

Pinterest uses photos for content. The visual aspect of Pinterest compels instant reaction. You see something, you like it, you pin it.  It’s not like Facebook where you scour your wall or Twitter where you scroll through your feed to find things to share—it’s much, much faster.

Organization by subject

Rather than trying to find something you posted to Facebook or Twitter months or days ago, you pin to a board of your creation, like “Inspiration,” “Recipes to Try,” or “My Style”. You can get super specific if you want. I have a board just for things I’d hang on my walls, or will double pin for organization sake to cross-reference.

Monetizing Pinterest

Here’s where Pinterest gets good! If you are looking for clients, post your portfolio photos under “hair” or “makeup”.  Make sure you include a link to your website or how to contact you in the description of your pin.  Better yet, if you have a website, make sure to post photos directly from your website.  Pinterest will link the original photo back to your website, meaning that people that click through to find out more about the original will be lead back to your website.


If you’ve made the leap from behind the chair to on-set, Pinterest can be a great way to collaborate with your team. You can make boards in concert with other Pinterest users.

Now your photographer can give you examples of what he has in mind, you can share ideas for hair and see what your wardrobe and makeup artists are planning.   You can now take a look at everything collectively and make sure it will work together.

Collaboratively pin your ideas together to storyboard your shoot.

It’s Addicting

Pinterest is like endless window-shopping. A picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s what makes Pinterest such a great place to share your work. Because Pinterest is image based, people don’t necessarily need to know your work or name to find it. So I encourage all of you to start pining your work!




David Stupplebeen is the Media & Communications Coordiantor at AP&I Wellness Center by day  and Steve Elias’  ” Hair Husband”  by Night.  When he isn’t involved in raising AIDS Awareness among Asian Pacific and Islanders, he can be found slaving away on magazine layouts for  Tantalum Magazine.

Occasionally,  he sneaks away from his “Hair Husband” post to feed his addiction to  Pinterest.


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