Having come from the education side of the industry we Nerds take mentoring very seriously!  A few weeks ago, I received a phone call from Intern Heather in full on melt down mode… 

We all are challenged daily with trying to create the ultimate look for every client, and unfortunately we sometimes come across an instance where the client requests a “re-do” . This was my moment of defeat(probably the first of many), in that very moment I had a official hairstylist meltdown. What’s a girl to do?!

We talked through her  feelings and then decided her next move would be taking a cutting class to re-inspire her confidence and skills.  This ginger intern graduated from a Pivot Point Member School less than a year ago so we knew she had a solid foundation. 

After arriving at ISSE Long Beach we found out Pivot Point was holding several hands-on classes and one just happened to be cutting.  Our only issue was she didn’t have the required supplies…


Scavenger Hunt

We couldn’t let a little thing like not have shears keep Heather from amazing education!  So 12 minutes before the class started, Carrie and I hit the floor  and started checking things off on her list.

Our first knight in shining armor was Gerard Scarpaci of ARROJO & Hairbrained.me, who generously dug through his bag and produced 2 shiny red ARROJO clips and a slightly damp towel. (Beggars can’t be choosers and we were supremely grateful!)



Next we popped over to the Hattori Hanzo booth and expressed the urgency with which we needed them to loan us a thousand dollars worth of shears and razors.  We would have been in a real pickle without these awesome owners.  It is one thing to show up to a cutting class without a spray bottle, but shears… well that could have been a problem! 


unnamed (2)



The final thing on our list was a comb and we spotted Wayne Woodruff manning the Sassoon Academy booth..we approached him with our dilemma .  He wasn’t convinced at first and teased we were just on a swag scavenger hunt…  Wayne ended up saving the day by loaning out his fancy yellow comb and we were back in business!





Progressive Cutting  Workshop

In Pivot Point’s hands-on workshops members of the Pivot Point International Artistic Team help you explore three different cuts and finishing variations from the season’s latest trends. Both novice and professional hairdressers will love the bold styles created especially by Pivot Point to help you grow your skills and precision cutting techniques.

We asked Intern Heather share a bit of her experience…



Nothing is quite as exciting as a row of mannequins heads primed for an artist’s creativity!  The first look was a mix of soft and strong keeping the shape square and strong and then adding just a hint of soft disconnected layers creating body and movement.


Pivot Point educator Jason Russell and Heather from The Hair Nerds


After having a beauty school flashback, mine just so happened to be a little blood draw… Yes, I cut myself!  Jason Russell showed me how to become a little more comfortable with the “notching” technique. Rest the still blade, and the rest is history.


Heather takes Pivot Point class at ISSE

Super important! Good sectioning, clean partings, and on-point distribution. As Jason would say “If it’s too wide, Subdivide” … in his oh so awesome country accent.

**Nerd Note: Pivot Point was kind enough to loan one of their sweet new Universal Swivel 360 tripods to Heather for the class. This bad boy is the Ferrari of tripods!**


Diffused disconnection? Don’t mind if I do…   Paul Suttles, Director of Field Education, broke down a look from the new Desert Light Collection that featured a soft internal disconnection. The second cut consisted of four different cuts in one, something that sounds like it makes no sense. However this look was modern, asymmetrical, undercut, and whimsical.   What was really cool about the way Paul taught this cut is it was like getting 4 mini classes.


Paul Suttles

The class helped me become comfortable with customizing a cut for all different types of hair. These unique cuts were something I wouldn’t normally come up with on my own and have really inspired me to look at the way I cut hair differently. They were creative and unexpected, but still something that I can take back and share with my clients. 

Now that it is all said and done… I feel refreshed and confident. This cutting class it reminded me of all the basic and important steps to creating that special look, and also inspired and motivated me.   I can’t wait to take this knowledge back with me and create one of these customizable looks on my clients. It’s really and amazing thing education does for us, it can swiftly take you from Hairstylist meltdown to Hairstylist happiness.


Spring Education

Pivot Point will offer in-person workshops at major industry events during the spring season. Workshops will be taught at United States events:

America’s Beauty Show (March 22-24, 2014, Chicago, IL)

Premiere Orlando (June 1-2, 2014)

Interested in feeding your mind AND career?   Visit www.pivot-point.com for details.