Everyone is always shocked when we tell them this is our very first Paul Mitchell: The Gathering, but it is true.  These Nerds have been to A LOT of events but this is the very first time we have been able to check out the shenanigans that go down at Caesar’s Palace during The Gathering.


We have been super excited to finally attend this event for months!!  Our first event of the weekend was a meet and greet in the suite of John Paul Dejoria.  There we met Angus Mitchell,  Robert Cromeans,  Takashi Kitamura and Stephanie Kocielski.   When the evening starts off with a tequila toast given by John Paul DeJoria… you have to think you have come to the right place.


carrie with patron


Patron is smooth but it is still a tough shot for this rum girl…


after tequila


After chatting with Robert Cromeans for a bit…


with robert


There was a shoe battle… with a very definite winner!  Check out those green metallic golf shoes!! Robert Cromeans – 1  The Hair Nerds – 0


show battle


Followed by a really lovely dinner at Raos .  The wine was good,  the food was delicious and the company was incredible.




You know we will be tweeting and instagramming (Yeah, we just turned instagram into a verb..)  all day tomorrow,  but did you know you can watch the show LIVE with us?  Lucky for you, Paul Mitchell has set up a livestream, right here. Now we can all spend the day together at The Gathering, whether you are in Vegas with us or New York City… wishing you were here!