Going to Premiere Orlando was a dream come true for us Hair Nerds! Not only is it one of the biggest hair shows on the East Coast but also prime stalking grounds where any Hair enthusiast would loose their mind. Every where we went there was a superstar stylist we got to chat with or harass while following the Twitter hashtags #PremiereOrlando & #RAWawards helped make it easier for us find those undercover stylists we had to hunt down. It was like a Scavenger Hunt with the prizes being new pics with Hairdinis and scoring bags and bags of #HairNerdSwag

Due to all the good times we had we thought it would be fun and easier on your eyes to just break it down into the Greatest Hits of our recent Hair-Venture. ENJOY! ~ The Hair Nerds xo



Is the day you can really score your big deals and get more education. There are rising stars gracing the stages and amazing knowledge to be had by all of them. Today you want to really make good on your Sunday rounds and snatch up those must haves and swipe your cards away!


Rise and Shine

After a late night we were so happy to be able to take today all in. We had lots of people to stalk and products we had to try so we grabbed our morning joe and headed back to the show.



First thing first… we had to check in on our signature on the Facebook Wall to see how it looked with all the other Hair Nerds love surrounding it.


We started our morning with Sherri Jessee and was so excited to be able to go behind the scenes of Rusk backstage! We met Heather Simmons (VP of Marketing and Education for Rusk) and watched Gerard Caruso with all the other talented stylists prepping for the day! The Rebel Chic Collection is gorgeous! (Being backstage watching the magic is my most favorite thing in the whole world!)

While we chatted with Sherri she poured out all of her love for our industry and had me tear up with happy tears…like I always say, some people cry at church, I cry at hair shows!

We also had the opportunity to meet Tim Riggins who we just loved. He has such great energy! He talked to us about some of the big amazing things Rusk has in store for us in the near future…pretty exciting! Stay tuned!


Hair Nerd Trick or Treating


It’s every Product Whore’s dream come true! Where else can you walk around and stand at a product booth and be showered with awesome swag?

We are loving the Being Sexy line, it has really sexed up my hair! Thank you Rusk!



We heard about these business savvy ladies and had to meet them. They have set the stage for the most talked about and successful Tike Trends thus far. Feathers, tinsel and of course Color Rub. Hanna Johnson and Trina Marr have been featured in countless magazines and even appeared on Oprah! (Hair Nerd Side Note: Our daughters are OBSESSED with the color rubs.  Erin’s daughter has already requested one for each girl on her soccer team.  Such a fun product!)



We just love the sights at a hair show…



Where else can you see a Lion model or buy a Paddle Me Down Brush?

Time to face the Music

Although we took tons of pictures and witnessed magical techniques from Hairdinis all weekend, we still felt the need to make one more round before having to leave the floor for good. We HAD to make The Teals “Long Hair Dressing” or we would die, so we had to just deal with the fact our three day weekend of awesomeness was coming to a close.


We got to see Sam Villa sculpt a beautiful bob and play with his new TEXTUR Iron! I want! We had to make our way off the floor but stopped by the Lanza Booth and watched Matt Swinney and got to chat with Amy Freudenburg & Chad Seale. While in route to The Teals we get the message we were waiting for all weekend! We were invited to go hang poolside with Hairbrained promptly after our class! After we died from excitement, we got our butts to The Peabody.



The Perfect Ending

After a weekend filled of stalking we finally met up with the Hairbrained crew. (We will now always have our bathing suits handy in our bags for unexpected poolside lounging. HairNerd packing list to be revised) Kelly O’Connell & Randy Taylor met us in the official Hairbrained Cabana and we lounged and enjoyed a beverage or two along with great stories and a beautiful view.

We were joined by Ira Pope Sage, who we instantly fell in love with. Ira had fun stories and kept us rolling!

Having the time of our lives, we neglected to keep watch of time. We had a plane to catch but seriously considered missing it and calling in sick the following day in California to be able to spend more time with them. Realizing that wasn’t an option, we had to make the fast dash to Orlando International. Thank you Hairbrained!!!!


Get your Ass to the Airport!

Having to be ripped away from the Hairbrained Cabana, we realized we had under 60 mins. to grab our #HairNerd T’s & taxi buddy Amy Freudenburg, reach our driver, swing by the hotel, pick up our luggage and haul ass to make our flight! Erin and I power walked in the hot musty Orlando sun and through the crazed crowds of stylists just making it to Mark our driver.


Mark made sure to have a beverage waiting for me to cool off! That’s what I call service, minus the hairstylist hookers we spoke of on our Sunday edition!


Our driver extraordinaire got us there with seconds to spare. Throwing our luggage at the wonderful curbside boys as we ran passed we weaseled our way into the employee line using Erin’s old airline badge, saving us from having to sleep in the airport.


The flights were all full and we had so much stalking to do so we prayed to the seat gods for a no show so that Erin and I could have a little room to spread out our laptops and maybe sleep on our loong flight home. By some miracle the only empty seat on the plane was wedged between us.   We felt bad for the person who missed their flight but we enjoyed every luxurious second of having extra space.


In-Flight Dinner of Champions

Being our first time in Orlando, I must say we had the time of our lives and can’t wait to book next year’s Hair-Venture! We had the opportunity to experience so much and had the chance to meet so many amazing people in this three day span. Thank you to all of you #HairNerd lovers out there! We really appreciate all the love and support! xo


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