Premiere Orlando was a must for The Hair Nerds this year!   Not only is it one of the biggest hair shows on the East Coast but also prime stalking grounds for any Hair Enthusiast. 


We met up with NEW and OLD friends and stalked everyone Nerd style.  Everywhere we went we  followed the hashtags #PremiereOrlando & #RAWawards to find those undercover stylists we had to hunt down. It was like Hair Nerd Trick or Treating.   ENJOY! ~ The Hair Nerds xo


Red Eye

California to Florida is a bit of a flight so I  (Carrie) snagged a Red Eye on Friday night.  Armed with my airplane pillow/blanket and 50 Shades of Grey  dubbed “mommy porn”… don’t judge…   I knew I would need entertainment because my shear slinging besties (Erin & Amanda) were wrapping up a Hair-venture in Salt Lake City, Utah and I was on my own.    Who would I gab with about new Nerd Words and pour over the show brochure?

I was going to have an entire day by myself until Erin caught the last flight of the night in on Saturday.  Luckily,  I was headed to spend time with Nerd Favorites, The Teals.



Ah yes…. the day before a Hair Show… booths are being set up, education delivery is being rehearsed and  hair is being prepped.  It is the calm before the storm, if you will.  I drowsily made my way off the plane and check into our hotel before meeting up with Ryan, Deannalyn and Tuesday ( who I hadn’t seen since ISSE).

As I was walking to my room I noticed a couple of girls with their door open. I met two very excited Cosmetology Students Shevonne Smith and Danielle Miles from Lacy Cosmetology School.  Shevonne was putting in some work prepping Danielle for their first Preimere Orlando Hair Show.

Their energy and excitement for their first Hair-Venture made my day! I love Cosmo Students! Don’t ever loose that excitement!




Pre- Show Cocktails

Having no real obligations we spent the day relaxing and hanging out.


Ryan and DeAnnalyn are ALWAYS a good time and Tuesday in the mix is even better! 

Waiting for Hair Nerd Erin to arrive from Salt Lake City, while doing a little “research” with beer in a Brown Bag and Feasting on some Gator.


You always get little pearls of wisdom along with Hair History & backstage stories hanging with  Ryan, earning him the nick name “Professor Hair-itage” …  (Check out his webinar June 18th with PBA on the History of Hairdressers)

Happy Hour

I keep trying to figure out why we get along so well with Ryan…just can’t put my finger on it…lol

Along with our thirst quenching margaritas, I got the inside scoop on some upcoming Teal Techniques.


Hair Stylist Takeover

What happens when thousands and thousands of hair dressers take over Senor Frogs in Orlando, Florida?

Conga Lines, Body Shots and chicks dropping  like flies because they thought 7 mixed drinks in an hour was a great idea…


Hanging with Amy Freudenburg taking pics of ourselves while waiting in line for the Ladies Room

Hanging with Amy Freudenburg taking pics of ourselves while waiting in line for the Ladies Room

Laughing at Tuesday’s inappropiate looking drink…Right? It looks like it takes batteries…and it’s a “Virgin” Beverage at that?

Celebrating Tuesday’s fake birthday..which has become a daily thing!

After this fun filled day of Happy Hours and Gator Bites, I knew I needed to rest before Erin landed at 11:55pm.  She is a crazy person and will work until 3am every night during a show.  We have a special nightly ritual…  She pulls out her laptop and begins typing away in bed and talks to me excitedly while I try to sleep.   


Checkout our entire Premiere Orlando 2012 Hair-Venture.

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What did you do to prepare for Premiere Orlando?