Premiere Orlando was a must for The Hair Nerds this year!   Not only is it one of the biggest hair shows on the East Coast but also prime stalking grounds for any Hair Enthusiast.

We met up with NEW and OLD friends and stalked everyone Nerd style.  Everywhere we went we  followed the hashtags #PremiereOrlando & #RAWawards to find those undercover stylists we had to hunt down. It was like Hair Nerd Trick or Treating.   ENJOY! ~ The Hair Nerds xo


With both nerds in town we were officially ready to go super stalker on all our favorite stylists.



We met up with our OFFICIAL Hair Nerd Photographer, Tuesday Teal, and began our mission. 


The Hair Nerds rely on social media at the shows to find out where everyone is and what our fav stylists are up to.  We seemed to miss Hairbrained at every turn.  As soon as we would leave a booth or location,  we would see a tweet they were there. {Sad Face}


Sunday was designated as a day for…



Brig Van Osten

Tuesday did a little recon work on Saturday and caught up with Brig.


We dropped by the Pravana booth to catch her stage show promoting the Show Me Your Vivids Contest.


We gave Brig a #HairNerd shirt and the very next day she tweeted this pic! She wore her new Hair Nerd swag while doing a live chat for Pravana.




Gerard Scarpaci

We are huge fans of Gerard, co-founder of


Bam! Insta-Nerd!



Dean Banowetz

Our fav. Hollywood Hair Guy, Dean Banowetz, was at Premiere Orlando launching the Professional InStyler.  We were extremely intrigued by the new tool.  We will have to give you the down low on it, asap.



We had just stalked Dean in April at the Beauty Bus Drive event in Hollywood and sent him home with a #HairNerd shirt.




Brenton Lee

Our longtime friend, Brenton, was teaching a class before prep began for the RAW Awards that night.




Trade Show Trauma

It happens at every show.. some crazy experience that leaves you shaking you head and muttering “Let’s keep it classy, ladies…” under your breath. 

Premiere Orlando was no exception! We ran back to the hotel to change clothes before the RAW Awards and charged our phones for 30 minutes praying the battery would last the entire  show.  Carrie called the cab and when he showed up in a Ford Expedition blaring country music we knew we were in for an interesting ride. 

We hopped in and tried to finish getting ready in the car on the way over.  Carrie quickly put lotion on her calves and our taxi driver completely turns his body to watch her.  Immediately creeped out, we  start grabbing our purses so we will be ready to jump out of the vehicle at a moment’s notice.

As we pull into the convention center, the driver rolls down his window and begins talking to these 2 girls walking out of the  show sporting  booty shorts and crop tops (salon professional, anyone?). One of the girls leans over the window after the driver asks if they need a ride and says,” Yeah but I don’t pay for rides…”

The next thing we know the second girl has hopped into the front seat  and the blonde in the window is kissing the cab driver.  Yes you read that correctly… It appears that a make out session with the cab driver seemed perfectly acceptable to these stylists.

Trade. Show. Trauma.




RAW Awards

We had stalked  Fabio Sementilli, Diego Raviglione and most of the P&G Salon Professional RAW team for the last month preparing for this night.  We were super excited to see what all 6 teams came up with but our hearts belong to P&G… they always have.




We cheered for our pal, Brenton, and loved how REAL the presentation was in it’s entirety.  This group of young professionals didn’t rely on theatrics to present their vision.  They were extremely honest and forthcoming in their opinions and inspiration. You could tell they had been extremely involved in the process. 

brenton lee during raw



When the winners were announce 4 hours later,  we couldn’t have been more thrilled with the outcome.  Congrats Team I.C.A.N.!!!




Pandemonium ensued!





In addition to winning $10,000, Team I.C.A.N. shot the September cover for Behind the Chair the next morning with BABAK.




Night Cap

Originally, RAW was supposed to be over at 10pm, but we ended up leaving the Main Stage at 12:30am.  Realizing we hadn’t eaten anything the whole day we hunted down a restaurant that was still open.  We ended up finding a place across the street from our hotel and collapsed into leather arm chairs in the bar area of the grill.   Carrie ordered us cocktails while I scoured the area for electrical outlets … Hair Nerds run through phone batteries in a couple hours.

We ordered roughly 8,000 calories and devoured every bite before deciding to head back to the hotel and crawl into bed with the latest episode of .


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