“The best thing about studying these amazing Hairdressers from our past is that we are no longer allowed to just be Mediocre, We have to strive to be the best we can be. If not for us we owe it to these Legends. If our best is to work 1 day a week part time than we better be the best part time hairdresser we can be. We owe it to our Ancestors, to our Mentors when we let ourselves down by not being the best we let down Antoine, or Alexandre De Paris or Sassoon. We have a rich legacy and history to live up to and we need to respect that, as well as the craft, and the life style that we have chosen. When we study our history we realize that we are standing on the Shoulders of great men and women in our industry. We are STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS of GIANTS!!!” GO BE AWESOME;-) ~ Ryan Teal

 Antoine De Paris

(1884 – 1976)

Antoni “Antek” Cierplikowski became the world’s first celebrity hairdresser when he opened the salon Antoine de Paris in Paris later becoming known as Monsieur Antoine. Antoine learned his craft of hairdressing along side his uncle in Lodz and later moved to Paris in 1901 where he worked at The Salon at Galeries Lafayette. Antoine’s Hairdini moment happened in Deauville where he created a breathtaking coiffure for Lily de Moure making all of high society and fashionable women everywhere demand to be styled by le petit russe (the little Russian).

This avant-garde pioneer was known to be quite eccentric and for his amazing wig making skills. But Antoine was also the first to create highlights, colored hair blue and lilac for both clients and canines and became the first celebrity hairstylist to create signature cuts like the BOB for his stars. He and left a huge mark in the high fashion and beauty industry and is often referenced on many sites to this day of people paying homage to his contribution.

In the words of Ryan Teal, “Antoine was a God”



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