It’s no secret that we are in love with The Teal Trinity… We have had the pleasure of attending classes, stalking them, attending more classes and borderline harassing this poor family till we made them fall in love with us.  While getting to know Ryan we found his passion for this amazing industry didn’t just stop at his chair or on the many stages he has graced, he really cares about our past and feels so strongly that we all share in the knowledge and lessons our forefathers have set. Giving him our loving nickname “Professor Hair-itage”


Prior to the PBA Webinar that sparked hairdressers curiosity, we had the privilege of attending Ryan’s class at the Teal Salon and instantly became thirsty for more of the past. Although we feel it is important that you get the full details from Ryan, we thought it would be great for us to share and familiarize you with some key players featured in his class “The History of Hairdressing” in hopes you also get excited about your family tree and take a little history in every now and then. Please share this with a fellow Hair Nerd…we can all benefit from the knowledge and get excited about our history and where it may take each of us in the future! 

“The best thing about studying these amazing Hairdressers from our past is that we are no longer allowed to just be Mediocre, We have to strive to be the best we can be. If not for us we owe it to these Legends. If our best is to work 1 day a week part time than we better be the best part time hairdresser we can be. We owe it to our Ancestors, to our Mentors when we let ourselves down by not being the best we let down Antoine, or Alexandre De Paris or Sassoon. We have a rich legacy and history to live up to and we need to respect that, as well as the craft, and the life style that we have chosen. When we study our history we realize that we are standing on the Shoulders of great men and women in our industry. We are STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS of GIANTS!!!” GO BE AWESOME;-)  ~ Ryan Teal



Eugene Schueller



Eugene Schueller, a French Pharmacist formulated the first recognized permanent hair dye in 1907. Working from his home in Paris, Schueller conceived this chemical miracle in his kitchen giving birth to “Aureale” what we all now know as L’Oreal. His use of Phenylenediamine and chemicals formed color pigmentation identical to human hair giving us the ability to change existing hair color. Eugene Schueller and his team of cosmetic pros duplicated the primary molecules, creating large black and brown and smaller red and yellow pigments. They found when mixed with peroxide and ammonia, the color become permanently locked into the hair shaft changing hair color forever. Eugene has also been credited for developing  modern sunscreen in the early 1930’s. Eugene was a pioneer in the beauty industry and due to his dedication and drive we all have the ability to create amazing, beautiful color.

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