“The best thing about studying these amazing Hairdressers from our past is that we are no longer allowed to just be Mediocre, We have to strive to be the best we can be. If not for us we owe it to these Legends. If our best is to work 1 day a week part time than we better be the best part time hairdresser we can be.

We owe it to our Ancestors, to our Mentors when we let ourselves down by not being the best we let down Antoine, or Alexandre De Paris or Sassoon. We have a rich legacy and history to live up to and we need to respect that, as well as the craft, and the life style that we have chosen.

When we study our history we realize that we are standing on the Shoulders of great men and women in our industry. We are STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS of GIANTS!!!” GO BE AWESOME.. Ryan Teal


 Freddy French

 “French of London” 

Freddy French dominated the High Fashion hair scene in the 1960’s bringing a completely different vibe to the hair world. Not only did he help Jack Denman Dean (along with a chosen few) in the development of the Denman hairbrush but he transformed how we would approach clients with our brushes for generations to come. Vidal himself believed the Denman was the only tool to blow out his beautiful Bobs and looked to the “French of London” as a Hairdini for dressing hair.

“His work was spectacularly different. He taught many top craftsmen his methods. At last a visionary! He was way ahead of his time. Through him I caught a glimpse of the future”

-Vidal Sassoon 2010

Freddy would create beautiful sculptures made of tissue and melted candle wax for his clients to enjoy in his salon and created the 1950’s Wash & Wear giving women a new way of styling. He developed the 1st salon product line andwas the 1st to expand his over a dozen salons to department stores and cruise ships. His beautiful work graced the covers of Vogue being one of the most in demand stylist of his time.

Freddy French still lives on through his son, Nicholas French who has been the Artistic Director for Matrix for many years still bringing the French legacy alive with his artistic and innovative looks.

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