Gobsmacked over my next interview is the best way to describe whom I’m talking with today. All you have to do is Google “top 10 most famous hair stylists in the world” & the name Richard Ward appears every single time.

Elizabeth Hurley, Kim Cattrall, & Ivana Trump are just 3 names on his LONG list of celebrity clients! But it is Richard’s client Kate Middleton, Duchess Of Cambridge, that seems to be what is drawing the most media attention to The Richard Ward Salon in London. So at High Tea, I got the chance to chat with Richard & here is how it went.

Richard before we talk about all of your incredible achievements in this industry, let’s talk about the beginning. When did you decide you wanted to pursue a career in Hair?

It was when I was 16; sitting in the waiting area in a top London salon waiting for my mum to get her hair cut, the buzz blew me away, also it’s in the family as my mum used to own to small hair salons in Folkestone, Kent.

She must be so proud of her son…especially how you, Trinny, & Susannah really broke ground with teaching everyday people that they all have the potential to look better not to mention feel better on the original “WHAT NOT TO WEAR” TV show. (Let me say too, my personal favorite is season 2 episode 1 “Scott & Sue.”)

Is there one particular moment or client from that show that stands out to you?

Thanks for sharing your personal fav!  These programmes really were unique and the hair always played a big part in the final makeover look.  It was great to be involved.  The moment that stands out for me was cutting an older women’s grey hair off from waist length to a short sharp crop, a la Judy Dench (in the Bond films) she looked absolutely amazing.  The response the next day in the salon was amazing and brought in hundreds of new clients into our salon.

Speaking of new clients & being busy at your salon,  I know your list of celebrity clients is extremely long, but I have to talk about the “Duchess Of Cambridge” Kate Middleton. She’s beautiful… her hair is fabulous… her story is like a fairy-tale! Tell me about your relationship with her.

When Kate walks through the doors of the salon I am thinking, “OMG I can’t believe she is still happy to actually come into the salon due to the amount of attention it creates “ and “ I hope it lasts” and “I’m so lucky.”

She’s lucky as well to have you as her stylist! And Kate has been with you since she was 21 before she was “THE KATE MIDDLETON” the public knows. Any chance we will see her with a super short blonde look?!! LOL…

Blonde absolutely not!  Well who knows, you will have to wait and see.

As I sip my Tea & talk with you, I’m pretending that I’m right by your salon in Sloane Square, which by the way is really the sexiest part of London to be in!

Any chance we will see multiple locations (including the states) added at some point?

No I don’t think so, we have one incredible super salon with 80 staff over 5000 square foot and that’s enough.  However I have a lot of business interests including hair products which will soon be launching in the USA so you defiantly will be seeing me there soon.

Wow… a product line is exciting & I know it has to be time consuming too. So what do you do when you go home & turn off “The Richard Ward World Renowned Hair Stylist Brand” & you are just relaxing or you are on holiday?

I run, I love running along the Thames River near where I live, spending time with my children and watching really rubbish TV programmes!

LOL… The funny thing is I prefer the Britcom “Keeping Up Apperances” …I NEVER miss it… although, I don’t know if you’ve even heard of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” but that is our most successful “rubbish program!”

I have to know, do you have any advice you can give to upcoming stylists who want to follow in your footsteps?

Have the best hairdressing training possible, love what you do first and foremost, be extremely driven, set yourself small achievable goals, leave your ego at home, and don’t set out to become famous. Get your priorities right!

Richard, I really fancy your work & appreciate you chatting with me. Thank you again!